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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Famous Food @ Batu Pahat- Kuey Chap

According to the local here, Soon Lai 顺来粿汁 serves one of the most loved kuey chap in Batu Pahat.
Thanks to Ser Pei and the bunch of good buddies who accompanied me till Batu Pahat Bus Station.
Before abroading bus back to KL, we dropped this shop to have lunch together. The location of this shop is near to the famous Tian Hou Gong Temple in Batu Pahat.

Due to most of us do not eat pig's intestines, pig's blood, hence we just ordered the braised pork, bean curbs, eggs and kuey chap.Most of my friends said that Kuey Chap is a common food in Johor and Kuching. It was the first time I tried kway chap. Kuey refers to the milled rice which is soft, smooth and grainy texture. It somehow tastes like pan mee. Kuey drenched in a bowl of herbal soup and topped with fried shallots. So the combination of kuey and the soup becomes kuey chap.

Surprisingly after drinking the soup, we didn't feel thirsty! 
I thought the tasty soup was due to lots of MSG!
Nah, I am going to come again!

Kuey Chap'