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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Malaysia Islands Escapade- Lang Tengah Island (Part 3)

We continued our journey from Redang Island to our next Island i.e. Lang Tengah Island. Lang Tengah Island had become famous after "Love You You" which had filmed by Angelababy.

Lang Tengah Island was less commercialized comparing to another two islands which I had visited Beautiful seashells and coral reefs which had been washed by the shores could be seen along the beach.Blue skies accompanied with gentle sea breeze, following with the footprints leaving on the soft and fine sands.The hot sun covered us in an invisible blanket of warmth, leaving more tanned skins which accompanied me for about 1 month before it faded.

The tour guide had brought us to a small island in which the freezing cold waters flow freely from mountain to a small pool. Everyone was delighted with the clean, fresh and cold mountain water. The tour guide informed that the mountain water could be drank directly. We were happily splashing and showering the cold water over each other.The rippling of the water was one of the remembrances each time when I need cold water to bathe.

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