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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Decent Western foods @ Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant; Malacca

Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant is certainly one of the best Western Foods Restaurant I had gone.
A very nice and calm ambiance provide a fine dining touch. From the given menu,Kensington Western Fusion Restaurant offers a large range of western cuisines ranging from soups, steak (fish, lamb, chicken, beef, salmon), seafoods (especially Canadian-flown fresh oysters), pasta and etcetera.

Most have claimed that this is the best dish in Kensington.
I shall have jotted down the name of this food. Hmm..
Pumpkin soup with oyster

The creamy spaghetti which consists of many seafood, including lala, mussels,squid and prawn. 
The sauce is creamy with a hint of spiciness which makes it saporous.

The platter set which costs around RM 23.90. The set consists of garlic breads, honey chicken wings, mussels topped with tasty, sour ingredients with tabasco and garlic calamari.  I like the Mussels Tomato Salsa very much!

Chicken Veronique with Grape Wine Sauce.
I love the baked potato wedges which is crispy and crunchy.

Short review:

This finest western restaurant offers variety of western fusion food. Although some say that only few selections are nice, yet I am quite impressed with the spaghetti and platter set which comes in large portion.
The price of the foods is affordable and cheaper compared to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. The service is much to be improved as most of the customers' drinks arrived after finished dining. In short, I had an exquisite fine dining experience which perfectly matched my mood of the day.

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