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Friday, February 22, 2013

Japanese Cuisine @ 寿司三味Sushi Zanmai in One Utama

I had been anticipating for Japanese foods for a very long time and finally I had the chance to taste some really affordable yet quality Japanese cuisines in Kuala Lumpur. Most of my friends and my parents don't like to eat Japanese cuisines hence I hadn't have the chance to taste it yet. Today was some sort of celebrations for us and opting to dine at Sushi Zanmai; One Utama; a genuine conveyor-belt sushi restaurant would be a good choice.We went around 11am and we were lucky that we did not need to queue up for dining inside.

The menu
one utama, japanese food sushi zanmai
Got readied with sweet sauce and wasabi. Hot tea was served after we were seated.
japanese food sushi zanmai
Me, spotted @ Sushi Zanmai
sushi zanmai, japanese cuisine sushi zanmai
Chuka Lidako Sushi, Inari Ebikko sushi
japanese food, 1 utama, sushi
Caterpillar Roll is a mix of roasted eel and Tamago Sushi topped with Avocado.
The combination of Avocado Eel and Tamago are succulent.
japanese cuisine
We had ordered Kanimayo Maki.
one utama, roasted eel, japanese cuisine
Unatama Don @ RM 16.80; My favorite roasted eel simmered with egg on rice, oiishii!

one utama, japanese foods
Itachoco Monaka;  green tea and yam ice cream wrapped with crunchy waffes. Eat it while it's cold!
1 Utama, sushi, japanese foods
Choco Banana as dessert and it was made of banana, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cornflakes.
sushi, japanese food
Joel and I @ Sushi Zanmai; One Utama
The staffs were trained well and well-organized. However, they would be inattentive during the peak hours. Overall, I thought the quality of the food was slightly above average and prices of the japense cuisines were affordable. In my opinion, Sushi Zanmai is way better than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. I will definitely go back for a second visit but strictly for novelty, just to check out some other dishes that I have yet to try.... =)

How about you?

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