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Monday, January 28, 2013

Epicurean Tour @ Star Village Steakhouse; Kepong

The epicurean tour from KL heading to north of West Peninsular Malaysia had come to an end. The journey from Pantai Remis; Perak to Kepong was really exhausting because we were stuck in traffic jam for almost 7 hours. Obviously most people took leaves to go back to hometowns during this Thaipusam Festival celebrated by Hindus.

We reached Kepong around 5.30pm, and both pretty buddies decided to have dinner before they headed back to Johor. I often had headache in introducing nice foods around Kepong area as I didn't possess own transport (need people to provide transport to bring them along for food-hunting) and I used to eat the same foods around my housing area.

Star Village Steakhouse was the third choice provided to the girls. I planned to bring them to dine at 168 Ban Mee Restaurant or Bel Pasto for their decent Italian foods yet the first one had closed while the latter's working hour at 6pm. Anyway, it seemed not a bad decision for dining at Star Village Steakhouse. Three of us were delighted with the theme of the restaurant i.e. vintage.

The balance power of camera was utilized fully before we were seated for dining.

It looked like I was in bicycle theme cafe.

Attempted to have emo-looked photography

We attempted to mimic the photo hanged on the wall, yet it turned out to be funny when we looked into each other's eyes. So, let's smile at the camera.

After taking the photo, I just noticed the feet of the green feature had cracked. Poor fellow!


One of the signature dishes i.e. black pepper chicken chop

Cheezy Chicken Chop (Grilled boneless chicken served with cheese sauce, mix vegetables and french fries)

Fish and chips

Out of my expectations, both buddies were delighted with the western foods here. They mentioned that the prices are affordable and quality of foods are similar to the ones they tried in JB. After the dinner, it's the time to bid goodbye. Let's meet in Sabah & Sarawak trip.

Loves. memories.foods

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