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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chill Out at Batu Pahat- Steamboat Dinner, Childhood Game & Dessert

A fairly common variant is, "Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like a banana." After spending almost 4 years studying in Johor, this was the first time spending entire night at Batu Pahat town. Appreciating Wan Tian being our tour guide and we had a whale of time at food tour.

After class, we drove to Yong's Steam Boat Garden and Sea Food Restaurant (泳池生锅) to have our dinner. According to the local friends, this large steamboat restaurant is very famous and highly recommended. Until today, I am still puzzled about the name of the restaurant as the locals call it as poolside steamboat. In fact, I didn't find any swimming pools nearby.

The steamboat restaurant has offered wide selection of seafood and you may order stir fry dishes here. The steamboat menu alone features many ingredients that can be boiled or grilled, including seafood, surimi seafood (fish-based food product) and vegetables.

The waiters & waitresses pushed a tray with ingredients for us to choose. We opted for layered seafood tofu, meatballs, dumplings, scallops, prawns and etcetera. The fresh fish in the aquarium look extremely attractive, however we did not order due to the subsequent eating session.

Group photo
The  foods are boiled, let's start eating!

Fried chickens - one of the signature dishes! Thumb-up!
Fried pumpkins which cooked with salted egg yolk.. Tasty! We have ordered two plates for this.
Lastly we ended the dinner with desserts which are free of charge. 
Overall, the foods here are quite nice and prices still at mid-range. Hopefully I will have chance to come over again.

After dinner, we have decided to have a walk at Dataran Batu Pahat.  We had the enjoyment of our childhood game- blowing and playing with soap bubbles. The passersby gave at seven of adult girls with a strange look. Well, soap bubbles weren't meant for kids only! haha..

Well, it was the first time looking at this clock tower at Dataran Batu Pahat. It is landmark in Batu Pahat that is quite well known and some call it as Clock Tower of Dataran Penggaram.

dataran penggaram

We waited for the clock to strike twelve and headed for the final round of dessert session. The refreshing cold dessert; ice shaved cendol with thick coconut milk and chocolate ice-cream was really delicious. It costed around RM3.50 with the substantial amount of ingredients and strong malacca palm sugar.

ice kacang

A great day ended with SMILE!