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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tame the taste buds @ Pantai Remis; Perak - Part I

It's always great to have companion of friends to explore foods indulgence. Nah, it's lucky to have a bunch of friends that don't mind getting fat together! *Smirks*

Pantai Remis is a coastal town in Perak, Malaysia and it is situated near Sitiawan. I got to know about this town through my university friend. Honestly speaking, it is larger than my mom's hometown; Kalumpang and have more specialties. So, we headed to Kiwi's hometown after our trip in Ipoh.

There are two rows of shops along the main road in Pantai Remis; Perak. We had great seafood dinner cooked by Kiwi's uncle. Stepping into this coastal town, I felt the warmth from people around. Perhaps these people had grown up together and they knew each other. Please do not be surprised if anyone comes across you and asks if you are from other cities. I could only remember I was directed to the left side of the shoplets. Kiwi's family had been welcomed us with opened arms, treating us a hearty seafood dinner.

The grilled fish with cucumber, onions and tomatoes. The freshness of the fish is worth drooling over!
Mantis prawns which are served in large portion and they are extremely big.
Till now, I have yet to know the name of this fish. 
A whole steamed fish makes a spectacular feast. Drizzling hot dark soy, and garlic over the skin before serving makes the skin delightfully crisp.

Crabs that make you licking your thumbs and fingers!

The Fried Oysters with Eggs
Curry eagle ray which has lingered in my mind till now.

Million thanks to Kiwi's family who had treated us this hearty meal.The freshness of the fish here are hardly comparable to the ones I have eaten in KL/ Johor. Moreover, the portion of the food here are generously big and cheaper. I can't wait for the morning's local specialties which I will have to fill my stomach tomorrow XD.

Pantai Remis; Perak is definitely worth to be visited!!!

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