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Monday, January 7, 2013

Gathering @ 梅林海鲜楼 ; Parit Raja

I guess that I will search my entire blog in order to find where I have had foods with my university friends in this small town at Parit Raja; Johor one day. Perhaps this blog post will help in connecting me with old friends back in future. Honestly speaking, there aren't many choices of restaurants for us to choose when we want to organize gathering.

  • Chicken Delight
  • MK Restaurant
  • Mui Lim Restaurant
  • Mc Donald Restaurant
Before having the final battle of studies and going back to each hometown for internship, we have decided to have a gathering in  梅林海鲜楼 . We have heard that the owner had planned to close the restaurant. In future, the juniors might be puzzled where to have nice Chinese foods afterwards. 

Some simple dishes that we have ordered:

batu pahat food
Deep fried sotong with salted egg
 Pork ribs
mui lim parit raja
Lemon chicken

Hmm.. by seeing the amount of foods I have eaten,  is this the reason how I gain more weight than at home? Haha..