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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kluang's Delicious Discovery (Part 1)

Apparently, my blog has become like a passionate eater's reviews of appetizing foods that had filled the big tummy of the owner. The accumulated food posts were mainly contributed by having a bunch of good friends who had ventured into the epicurean tour around the good foods places. If you asked me to define friends, I shall say that they are the people who gets fat together with me XD.

Tonight, we had headed to Kluang District which was about 30-45 minutes journey from Parit Raja. The end of university life had us treasuring and cherishing moments being together. It was a savory discovery as none of us knew much about the foods over Kluang District. All that we had heard about was Botak curry noodles and Kluang Rail Coffee. However, we seriously had no idea when it came to mouth-watering foods at night. We had come to Uncle Frog, Kluang to have our chatting session after some light foods.

Uncle Frog; Kluang- 小青蛙; the name of the shop itself had attracted us to drop by.
The vintage design of the shop with many old pictures of old Kluang.
I was attracted by this large picture hanging at the wall. 
We opted for some light snacks and drinks while spending our time here for cozy chat purpose.

Sour soup snow

Okay, I had forgotten what drink I had ordered.
I was shocked when saw the crunchy 
It wasn't a nice drink, however I was delighted when I saw the childhood decorations i.e. umbrella.
The small umbrella was rarely seen on cakes. I used to collect them when I had my birthday cake.

Salad You Tiao which was still crispy. I would prefer them to be served hot :)
Hot green bean dessert which had ordered by Chia Pei.
It was subtle sweet and rich with green beans. 

The botak curry noodles stall had closed when we headed for supper. It gave us another chance to have Kluang's savory.

The only option at that time was Kedai Makan Mee Goreng which was still opened. 加冕小販中心炒虾面 sounded great for filling our stomachs.

Due to the 炒虾面 had finished, we had fried kuay teow as our supper.
The appetizing kuay teow that I ever had in Johor. Thumbs up!

We went home with satisfied stomachs and we shall have an epicurean food trip to Kluang by next week again. Bye peeps!

You may click here for my subsequent Kluang's Delicacies Trail at Kluang's Railway Station Coffee, Botak Curry Noodles and etcetera.

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