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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

As you sow, as you shall reap!

Final Year Thesis
It was the final assignment and the hardest assignment I had done so far in this 7 semesters. It made a full stop in my assignments life as well as degree studies in terms of course work.

Words are hard to be describe my feeling to see the thesis completed. I had sacrificed the semester break to visit several banks to obtain approvals for getting my questionnaires distributed. Nonetheless, I had been rejected and also had met few helpful staffs who willing to approve the questionnaire distribution. The cooperation given is highly appreciated! After all, the paperwork, SPSS Statistics and presentation to panels and etc.

Finishing this final year papers with blood, sweat and tears and finally observing the research were printed in thesis format. It may not be the best research paper but I am very glad that there are few people who read into what I wrote and shared with me their professional insights. Last but not least, I would like to take the chance to express my gratitude towards Dr Rosmaini Bin Tasmin. A good lecturer who never forget to supervise us, providing insights in enhancing our research although he was very busy with his own research and lessons. Hopefully we did not disappoint him. Apart from that, the team is great and thanks to Jyi Chong who often helped in scheduling a meeting with our supervisor.



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