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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tame the taste buds @Pantai Remis; Perak- Part II

According to Kiwi, most of the people here work as fishermen who wake up around 3-4am. For the rest of residents here who work as hawker or coffee shops’ owners, they have to wake up early to prepare food. The food quality is highly prioritized as news (regardless bad or good) could be gone viral within few minutes in this small town. As the saying goes' The early bird catches the worm', we were asked to wake up early for delicious breakfast, however, we slept till 9 am plus due to tiredness.

Anyway, local specialties had been tried by us during this serene morning.班台品香咖啡馆 is the place we had our breakfast.You could easily pick your choice of food by seeing the big food menu at the wall.
25 choices of food which made us stunned for seconds when we were asked what to order.

Our choices- french toast; mee rebus (the people called it as 吉灵面);otak-otak.

French Toast stuffed with butter. Yummy!

Guess how much it costs? It's only RM2.50.
It is delicious, flavorsome and epicurean.

After the breakfast, we went to the fish wholesaler warehouse, but we were unlucky as most fishermen had been gone out to catch fish. We couldn't see much fresh catch since fishermen weren't come back yet. According to Kiwi, the fishermen normally come back during 4pm.

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