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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kluang's Delicious Savoury Discovery (Part 2)

Warm slices of toasts would be simple yet tasty breakfast for each of us to kick-start the day. We had made our journey to one of Malaysia's institutional kopitiam to savour its famous charcoal toasted buns. Kluang Rail Coffee is located at the local railway station since year 1938. It was a pit stop for travelers arriving in Kluang and the railway canteen is one of the town's famous landmark. You would find different races having their breakfast here- truly 1 Malaysia style.

My loved ones.
Pretty Chia Pei and I
The subtle sweet iced-coffee and wholemeal roti bun 
You could see how delicious the roti bun from my friend's facial expression.
The crispy crusts with a thick slab of butter sandwiched between the toast (bun) and kaya filling satisfied our stomachs.

The cost of roti bun at (RM 1.10) each is definitely worth the pennies. The charcoal-grilled bun was layered with thick homemade kaya and thick slabs of butter. As simple as it may be, yet it was one of the tastiest traditional bun which I had eaten while another one was at Parit Raja.

The Kluang delicacies trail was continued with Botak Curry Noodles. Gerai Makan Botak was highly recommended by my course mate; Eng Ting who is a local here. We had been encouraged to visit the shop before 1pm as the curry noodles are sold faster than expected most of the time.

If you type " botak curry noodles" at Google search, you could find several results of foods reviews from other bloggers. The shop itself was full of decorations of old antiques, many liquor bottles,old teapots and etcetera.
The shop's decorative antiques, liquor bottles

The tasty and mildly spicy curry noodles which is rich of cockles, bean sprouts, roast pork (char siew) , tofu and light coconut milk.
You can opt for having pork skins as well.
If you couldn't taste spicy foods, you may choose to have dry egg noodles which tastes nice as well.
Me with my curry noodles.

Short review: The less spicy yet flavorful gravy makes the botak curry noodles unrivaled in Kluang town. It's hard to be compared to the curry noodles I had in Penang Island, but I could say that Kluang Botak Curry noodles is the best laksa I have had in Johor District. 

The Kluang's delicacies discovery was paused for shopping session at Kluang Mall. As usual, we shopped till the shopping mall almost closed. By the means of "shopping", we could be left with empty handed yet the shopping mall must be discovered or explored before we left :)

The supper that we had at 居鑾加冕河邊. It's like a row of mamak stalls and we just followed the crowds to order foods. Piang Kee was surprisingly having long queue of customers hence we decided to try the foods.

It's similar like the famous Ayer Hitam's Yong Tau Foo.
Various selection of fish balls, bean curd, eggplant, bitter gourd, bean curd sheets with handmade fish paste as the fillings.

Hmm, I would comment that the foods are just nice (not really "WOW").

Piang Kee sells 八宝冰 shaved ice too.

Rice flour rollchines 豬腸粉
Big tang yuan topped with peanuts
Not forget to mention the souvenir given from Wenny Lai as we met her at Kluang's Parade earlier.
Revisited Kedai Makan Mee Goreng for the 炒虾面。

Here's the fried shrimp noodles 炒虾面 tinged with a smoky, charred flavor called wok hei . 
The hot fried noodles was coated with salty and sweet soy sauce cooked with bean sprouts and eggs.
Simple yet delicious!

Kluang's Savory Discovery has come to the end.
It's definitely an outing that worth to be remembered.
It's not only about the local delicacies, but the people that you had be with during the savory discovery.

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