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Friday, January 25, 2013

Sight-seeing and Epicurean Tour in Peninsular Malaysia- Fresh Fruit Tea Expert(鲜茶工坊) and Nine Emperor Gods Temple北海斗母宫 @ Penang

We were supposed to directly drive to Penang Island to meet Wei Lin, yet we had changed our plan to meet another friend who's also a Penang-born. Hence, we dropped by Butterworth for our dinner and reunite with Soon Le. 

So, Fresh Fruit Tea Expert(鲜茶工坊) was the first stop to fill up our stomach.
I guessed the trip in Pantai Remis had our stomach capacity growing bigger as I kept feeling hungry.

Passion CoCo Yogurt GT (RM4.00), 
Soon Le mentioned that this signature drink was often ordered by his gf, hence we had a try as well.
I like this sour-sweet, refreshing drink.

Okonomiyaki Japanese pancake with squids,pork and cabbages as fillings and wrapped by egg, topped with Japanese sweet sauce, mayonnaise and dried bonito flakes.
The Okonomiyaki Japanese pancake had five of us finishing up within few minutes.
Spaghetti which was ordered by Hui En. I had forgotten if I had some bites of it.

The Butterworth Tow Boo Kong (北海斗母宫) which is also named as Butterworth Nine Emperor Gods Temple, or Rumah Berhala Tow Boo Kong Butterworth. This is one of the biggest temples in Butterworth which has made us gaped " WOW!" when we drove passed. We were informed that it was night market day hence we could shop after visiting the temple.The interior design and the altar were intricately spectacular and with gold paint.

The impressive roof details which looked more elegant and nice at night.

The roof with the paintings showed the stories.
I was amazed by the roof details, well, could you spot how many dragons on the roofs of Butterworth Nine Emperor Gods Temple?
The red lanterns

The famous 100 children was illustrated in the big painting, signifying that the continuity of generation. Each of the kid was with different expressions and actions.

Apart from the great painting of 100 children, the another attraction of Nine Emperor Gods Temple was the huge stone-carved dragons spewing water into a pond with a big fountain (three levels) in the middle. Many tourists including us made a wish and threw coins into the fountain. Erm, well, there are nine dragons and Soon Le said that luck will be appeared if we managed to throw the coins into the big dragon's mouth or the fountains.

After having a short shopping spree at night market in Nine Emperor Gods Temple, we had our supper (dinner) at Restoran Ju Heng. Ju Heng Tom Yam noodles. I was surprised that the restaurant was very crowded and we had to wait for the seats. According to Soon Le, most people dined after midnight hence the current condition was considered good.

The step of ordering food here was very different compared to the stall foods I had.
First, choose a bowl of noodles (either bihun or noodles).
Secondly, pick the ingredients (fish/chicken/beef slices, squids, crab meat, sausages, taufu, vegetables and the signature deep fried fish.
Lastly, hand the bowl of your chosen ingredients and noodles to the hawker and wait to be served.

Reunion talk.
I would be missing the moments we have had, hoping to meet each other again.
My noodles and beverage : Longan drink :)
I only recalled that the locals called ji ling drink, and finally I realized that it was longan drink.

Note: Restoran Ju Heng has renowned with Tom Yam Porridge too. However, I just couldn't imagine how porridge could be matched with Tom Yam soup. Perhaps I shall sample it when I come to visit Butterworth in future.

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