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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Krabi; Thailand- Hong Island by Speed Boat

After a relaxing day in Ao Nang Krabi,we opted for Hong Island after checking the reviews from TripAdvisor. After having experience of getting on long-tail boat to Krabi 4 Islands Hopping Tour, we chose to go to Hong Island via speed boat. From Ao Nang, the journey to the 1st island; Daeng Island was approximately 45 minutes.

Daeng Island;one of the islands which was surrounded by colourful fishes and coral reefs. Daeng Island was also named as red island due to the reddish coloured rocks. Well, I did not go for snorkeling activities this time, but focus on capturing photos. According to my friends who went to snorkeling, the water was quite milky and difficult to view fishes. We stopped by Pak Bia Island; then the next island we touched down was Ladding Island.

Ladding Island

Ladding Island was a suitable place for us to lay down on the crystal clear water. The views were spectacular and the beach was clean white scorching sand. We had our lunch box here to keep our stomach full.

Next, we came to the magnificent view of Hong Lagoon whereby we thought of having kayak activities. However, 4 of us were slightly tired and decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery instead.

The stunning view of lagoon with a hidden chamber accessible through a relatively narrow entrance within two high cliffs

The final stop was at Hong Bay where we had almost 2 hours spending here. After collecting seashells, we laid down at the pristine sandy beach, viewing the blue sky and had our ladies'chat. After sun-bathing, we just sat down at the shallow water, enjoying the little fishes swimming around us.

Compared to the Krabi 4 Islands Hopping Tour, I do find that Hong Islands were still in more pristine condition and I am captivated by the Hong Lagoon view. It would be great if I could have the kayaking experience at Hong Lagoon.

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