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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Geographer Cafe @ Jonker Street; Malacca

Half way down Jonker Street in Melaka, you can find  a famous cafe named Geographer Cafe. It is crowded with people most of the nights. By the way, please do not misjudge that the peoples over there are geographers.It is a cafe with great ambiance located in Jonker Street which you shouldn't miss out.

It is similar to any heritage house or shop-lets that you could see in Penang street.Wooden tables and chairs sit on the wooden floors, while the walls are adorned with all kinds of photos and maps. The old antiques could be seen at any spots in the Geographer Cafe.

The antique lamp which attracted my eyes
Viewing from the staircase and could you spot any handsome waiter? *smirks*
Calsberg, Asahi? Well, you could opt for beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and mocktails over here.
Gallery of Calsberg bottles! Spotted the year 1989! 
Instead of carrying ' Welcome' signboard, it carries the picture of old look of Geographer Cafe.
Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca
The cozy environment upstairs.
It's 12am hence most customers are invited to be seated at downstairs as they are preparing to close.
Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Malacca
Random photos which show the Malacca ambiances and tourist areas.
The photos which show roof of temples and houses in Malacca area.

Geographer Cafe Malacca
A living museum for you to see the old architecture in Malacca particularly Harmony Street temples and Jonker Street from the glorious past till the current ones.

The old antique which shows the revolution of old centuries Geographer Cafe to the present building.
Relaxing while drinking a thirst-quenching mocktails
Lastly, my photo with my drink.
Seated near the window gave me a chance to have exciting look-out for the bustling activities that happened along the busy Jonker Street.

Till, we meet again?!

Short review: I did not taste the foods there except the good beverages. According to most bloggers and even the waiters, Geographer Cafe offers high quality of healthy food without putting 'MSG'. I opine that it is the classiest cafe which I have ever been and I love its vintage atmosphere.

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