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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Food Trip @ Batu Pahat (Part 2)

Continuing the previous post with regard to the short getaway to Batu Pahat town to have local delicacies, my friend who is a local here had introduced us to eat bak kut teh at Restoran Mei Hwa Lin; Taman Flora; Batu Pahat. We came late hence the yam rice were not available. However, we were still managed to order bak kut teh and stir fried long beans.

The clay-pot Bak Kut Teh was served with still-bubbling broth.The bak kut teh tasted a bit diluted compared to the one I tasted in Klang. The herbal flavor soup was not strong enough for me, but my friends liked this. Hui En said that I must missing the bak kut teh at Kota Tinggi since I prefer strong herbal savory soup! :) Regardless the taste of the soup, the ingredients (pork ribs, yau-char-kuay, enoki mushroom and mushrooms; etc. ) were generously served.

batu pahat

What made me decided to write down this post was due to this stir fried long beans. I seldom eat long beans as I disliked the taste of it. However, this dish is really succulent as long beans served with very nice aroma. With a handful of fried onions and garlic, the long beans were stir fried with flavourful dried anchovies. I love this dish!

Bak Kut Teh and stir fried long beans
Well, we had our stomach filling up with bak kut teh and the breakfast we had eaten weren't digested fully. Nevertheless, we decided to find a chilling place to have drinks while chatting. We drove around Carrefour, and we found Victorious Cafe; Batu Pahat. We would say that the decoration of the exterior of shop had attracted us to drop by. The exterior of the shop had clearly explained the foods available i.e. crepe cakes, bakery, hi-tea set, dessert and cheese cake. Hmm.. from the look of the exterior design, I guessed the coffee there would be nice too.

batu pahat desserts
bakery, crepe cakes
My friends at the entrance
Let's have the look on the interior of Victorious Cafe.
batu pahat pastry

batu pahat pastry
Hokkaido Chocolate crepes, Green Tea crepes and various types of cheese cakes and swiss rolls
batu pahat pastry
The birthday candles attracted me.. Will someone give me a birthday cake with these candles next month? LOL
 batu pahat pastry
Nice painting!
I love the clock very much. Nice design.
Me holding the nice designed menu.
batu pahat
Everybody was excited posing with the menu.

We ordered oreo crepe cake, Hokkaido Chocolate crepe cake and green tea crepe cake. If I am given the choice to order again, I will choose Hokkaido Chocolate crepe cake. Chocolate snow ice was one of our choices too. Apart from that, Ser Pei and Sue Fern had ordered chocolate coffee crepe cake and tiramisu crepe cake.
victorious cafe
batu pahat, snow ice
Chocolate snow ice..
When the mille crepes arrived, we noticed that a saying is true. Every woman has a stomach ready for desserts. Again, we captured the foods before filling them into our stomach.

victorious cafe
 Next, pictures spoke louder than words...

batu pahat desserts

victorious cafe batu pahat

Me, spotted at Victorious Cafe :)

I was trilled to know have such a decent cafe exists in Batu Pahat with decent crepe cakes! A comfortable environment with delicious crepes making the gathering perfectly. Most of us were delighted of the cafe's opening as it would be the place for gathering or party before we graduated. 

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