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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Food Trip @ Batu Pahat (Part 1)

As the graduation bell is rung soon, we had organized our gathering and getaways around Batu Pahat more and more frequent compared to previous semesters. Today, we had no classes to attend and the workload of assignments can be kept till weekends to be completed. Hence, we had a short getaway to the town to have food trips!

We opted for kick-start this morning with dim sum at Restoran Fock Yen. There are varieties of dim sum available here and my Batu Pahat friends recommended this to us as the price of dim sums aren't pricey and delicious.

This dim sum restaurant is at Taman Bukit Pasir, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Once we stepped into this restaurant, we quickly made orders as we were hungry! There were quite many people queuing up at the entrance and up to my surprises, they mainly served steamed dim sum, unlike the dim sum restaurants in my hometown serving both steam and baked dim sum. However, Restoran Fock Yen does serve some baked dim sum like yam cake, spring rolls and baked white carrot cake. 

The first round: 

5 of us had ordered 2 plates of Steamed Sticky Glutinous Rice With Chicken (糯米鸡, Lo Mai Kai), 2 plates of yam cakes, fried shrimp dumplings with ginger and vinegar; and 1 plate of pan fried turnip cake while waiting for steamed dim sum to be served.

This is the awesome one! We just couldn't get enough of the dumplings! 
The second round:

As usually ordered in most dim sum restaurant, we ordered siew mai, bean curd spring rolls and another one is..minced pork, shrimp and mushrooms wrapped in seaweed. Hmm, I would say that the siew mai don't look so pleasant compared to other dim sum restaurant I tried, but I liked the size of it. Big and juicy!

Eventually, we had all dim sum occupied our table. We ordered the Steamed Egg Custard Bun (Lau Sah Bao). The steamed egg custard bun are hot picks over here. The fillings are molten, buttery, yolky sweetness, encased in fluffy white steamed buns. We had added some char siew bun to bring back to our housemates who were still sleeping at home.
dim sum

The price for these dim sum are affordable, around RM50++. 

All in all, thumbs up. But is it “the one”? I'm afraid it's not as I am still prefer dim sum at Kepong Baru. :)

The venue: 

48, Jalan Kundang 3
Taman Bukit Pasir
Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

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