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Monday, November 19, 2012

Eat & Treats in Skudai: AnMour Cafe Concept Cafe, Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant & Restoran Old Places

During this semester break, I have followed my pretty buddy to her home for assignment completion, hair-cuts and  yea, for lots several reasons which include food tour at Skudai area. "AnMour Café – A homegrown modest American restaurant concept at Taman Sutera Utama which is famous of their signature GlamBurgers, pasta and steaks. The gigantic patties and large portion is really suitable for people who have humongous appetite like me.

AnMour Cafe is obviously the choice that Johor people love to dine at. By the time we reached there, it was crowded and we had to queue to be seated. After selecting our choices of foods, we were waited to be served patiently. Surprisingly, the waiter came and served a basket of buns with sauce which we did not order. Hui En said that this was the starter and it's FREE OF CHARGE. The buns were served warm in a basket and there were very soft and fluffy. The buns came with black pepper sauce which seemed to mixed with mushroom. Dipping the bun to the sauce as starter while waiting for the foods to be served accompanied with chit-chats were great.

We had ordered mushroom soup which came with buttered garlic breads.
I shall say that this would be the another best mushroom soup I had apart from the one I had in Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant. The portion of  flavorsome Cream of Mushroom Soup with two crispy buttered garlic breads at AnMour Cafe with the price RM5.90 causing me overwhelmed with happiness.

Mussels in garlic butter sauce (RM 8.90)
Luscious mussels in delicious garlic butter sauce! Well, it tasted so cheesy!
Seafood pasta with tomato sauce, big shrimps, mussels, squids and oysters.

The affordable price, large portion of foods with good quality had made me thinking of revisiting AnMour Cafe. This is also one of the reasons I included in my travelogue and foods discovery list.I saw the next table had ordered "Mini Burger Party" which has 4 small burgers with different flavor of meats. Perhaps I shall revisit AnMour Cafe again to try their steak, Mini Burger Party and the cakes.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant was our next destination where I got to know her buddies. I seriously did not know why many people praising Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant dish and I had done some survey after eating it. Dak galbi is a popular South Korean dish where marinated chickenare stir-fried with cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and etcetera on a hot plate.The complimentary condiments such as cabbages, kim chi and pickled onions are served as free. Oh yea, each of us were given red apron after we were seated.

So below is the picture of the spicy version of Dak galbi with additional noodles that I had at Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant. Well, I guessed the group of us having the same thought  i.e. why we ordered expensive mamak noodles with more ingredients. The dak galbi was not impressive as much as what I thought of. Furthermore, the condition of the restaurant was too stuffy with no exhaust fan was seen installed. We left the restaurant like smokey pigs. LOL. Overpriced spicy maggi goreng was the only thing in my mind.

After Korean cuisines and Italian cuisines, we shall have some real Chinese cuisines for the dinner. We randomly chose to dine at a restaurant named Restoran Old Places at Nusa Bestari.Restoran Old Places, origins should be from Perak because they have branches in Ipoh, Bercham and Taman Ramai. The scrumptious claypot chicken rice had been ordered since it's the main signature dish.

Claypot chicken rice was served piping hot and the aroma was totally different compared to the previous one (Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant). The portion of the claypot chicken rice was also quite big, with marinated chicken thigh, chinese sausage and salter fish. Overall, claypot chicken rice at Restoran Old Places is the kind of food to have you licking your lips in anticipation. 

The charm of claypot chicken rice!!

Restoran Old Places

Last but not least, profusely thank you my dearest buddy who bought me to epicurean tour at Skudai.
If you ask me for the definition of buddy or good friend, I shall say that she's the one who shares good foods with you and gets fat together. LOL

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