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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

7 Places to Eat in Krabi; Thailand

Krabi is an ideal place where you could have a short getaway with islands hopping activities, body massages and food savory to tame your taste buds! After viewing all the photos I had in Krabi, I come out with a list of places where we discovered foods from street markets, casual bar and bistro till the upscale restaurants. 

1. Tanta's Restaurant
2. Wine V Bar and Bistro
3. Mom's Restaurant
4. Lae Lay Grill Restaurant
5. Rain House Duck Noodles
6. Ao Nang Street Market
7. Chao Fah Pier Night Market in Krabi Town

1. Tanta's Restaurant

Tanta's Restaurant offers large variety of foods from seafoods, Italian pizzas, western steaks and local Thai foods. It's the 1st dining place when we touched down Ao Nang. The food we ordered to share among us were pineapple fried rice, mango salad, Massaman curry, seafood pad thai and a bowl of seafood tom yum goong.

Read details at http://lovewinter19.blogspot.com/2015/05/krabi-thailand-ao-nang-beach-and-tantas.html

2. Wine V Bar and Bistro

Nice atmosphere with good beer/wine and relaxing musics. It 's a great place for ladies' talk. We had fresh salmons and mocktail at Wine V Bar and Bistro.

3. Mom's Restaurant

By hearing the name of the restaurant, would you think that the restaurant offers homecooked dishes? Haha...After the 4 islands excursion, most of us were exhausted and just wanted to have dinner somewhere nearby our hotel before massaging session. The restaurant's seats and tables were made of bamboo sticks. The foods here were average.

The steamed fish with spices

The tut-tut

4. Lae Lay Grill

Lae Lay Grill had been given me an unforgettable dining experience in Krabi. The delicious Thai cuisines accompanied with the magnificent views of Andaman Sea and the early birthday surprise from my friends had made the trip to Lae Lay Grill worthwhile. 

Read more details at HERE.

Recommended dish: Tom Yum Goong

5. Rain House Duck Noodles

We had herbal duck noodles as lunch before we headed back to Malaysia. The tour guide and driver had brought us to Rain House Duck Noodles and they told us that this place was famous of noodles with herbal duck soup and herbal duck soup. 

The herbal duck soup was served with two duck drumsticks, bean sprouts,choice of noodles and some spring onion on top. Compared to Bidor Duck Thigh Noodles which costs RM9.00, this bowl of herbal duck noodles in Krabi costs about RM 5. A bowl of herbal duck noodles were finished with full satisfaction!

6. Ao Nang Street Market

Ao Nang will not let you starve as long as you have Thai Baht and spacious stomach to fit in the foods. We had fried banana pancake topped with cinnamon and grilled dishes bought from Ao Nang Street Market.

Read details at Krabi Thailand Street Foods

7. Chao Fah Pier Night Market in Krabi Town

This place shall not be missed if you want to try the local Thai foods. We had the Pak Biah fish here.
Read details at Krabi Thailand Street Foods

Credits to AsiaWebDirect & Krabi-Hotels.com

Barbecue chicken meat
Thailand signature dish- Pad Thai

8. Others

We had Pad Thai (75baht) at a coffee shop nearby Krabi Town. Unfortunately none of us had jotted down the name of the shop. The price of the pad thai was more expensive than the pad thai we had at Chao Fah Pier Night Market in Krabi Town, yet the taste was quite good.


If Thai cuisines are not able to satisfy your stomach, you could choose the McDonald's meal.