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Monday, December 13, 2010


I found an interesting post from my friend, Shelyn...She wrote this:

When you look once,
Everything seems nice.
But when you look twice,
You can see all lies.

In life, we have many ambitious desires which are achievable, but we lack stamina to keep pursuing. My dream never seem to be perfect and come true. Do miracles happen? It's inevitable for unexpected things to happen.

The one you trusted with can be the one who hurts you the most. The one who is the closest with you might be the one who lies to you. The one who gave hope to you is possibly to be the person who scuppers all your hopes! The one whom you care the most may gives you lies as present of the day! Gosh! I am damn pissed off today. Yea, I am having a terrible mood after seeing the message at 11am. What a great surprise of the day!!!Ish! Don't ever make a promise when you are unable to fulfill it! You are just a mood ruiner~ To whom who know me best, you should know that I HATE people who break promises ?!

Just like the quote above, when I see it once, the promise seems to be so nice, when I look at it for the second time, it turns to be a lie and will never happen! Gosh! My favorite month becomes the month I detest~Dec 2010 seem to be so unfaithful and I dislike it!

Huh!!! Anyway, today is my buddy,von's birthday! My dear von von, happy birthday to you! May you and martin be the sweet couples forever!=)

A funny photo which is taken from li chen to be shared with:

Well, my goal during the holidays- keeping fit! I hope I can have the persistence and perseverance to achieve my goal.

~ The end~

ps: Dear Lord, I wish my days could be happier!