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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My 21st birthday

Everyone is wishing or sending birthday greetings to wish the birthday girl to have a wonderful 21st birthday. Yet,I wasn't celebrated it happily and almost spent the final 5 hours mourning/crying in sadness.

What does 21st birthday so special about? Yea, I can't deny that I did expect for a joyful celebration with the loved ones. But frankly speaking, it's just meant that parents had gave birth to me and I had grown up to 21 years old now! I did not put high expectation for this year's birthday, just hoping to have a nice hanging out with family. But everything was ruined after a dinner. I hoped that my sis could learn how to respect the elders' opinions rather than just follow what she desired for. Everything was ruined just because of the so called important 'face' of yours. Isn't a nice dinner to be having with family members more important? It's a bad day for me! The birthday cake was laid on the table silently awaiting for the birthday girl to make a wish. If I could make a wish now, I hope that my mom is not angry anymore, so as the siblings.

Anyway, dad, I am so sorry to make u in dilemma. I knew you suggested the venue with good intention, but who knows... Huh!Mom, i am sorry too=(

21st birthday, the worst birthday I ever had, I hate today because I wasn't happy!