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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wong Chau Jun Restaurant (王昭君小食館) @ Jalan Rangoon; Georgetown

Penang itself is a good venue for exploring the large variety of famed street foods especially the char koay teow, hokkien lor mee, hokkien noodles (prawn-based soup noodles), white curry noodles, cendols and etcetera. Apart from having these Penang cuisines as lunch, Wong Chau Jun; a Chinese restaurant along Rangoon Road in George Town could be your choice for scrumptious meals. The restaurant itself was named after the legendary Wang Zhaojun who was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China.

The dishes at Wong Chau Jun are displayed on the walls of the restaurants; easing the food patrons to make orders.
As recommended by my sister, the must-try dishes are fish hor fun and the spicy and sour fish head vermicelli.  You could opt for deep fried dish meat or fish head.
As the name of the dish itself, the soup is slightly spicy yet it has a strong lemongrass taste and sour; appetizing! The fish head had too many bones, we shall order fish meats next time.
Steamed Fish Hor Fun is rather new for us. Soft, fresh fish meat and smooth hor fun is a good match; both are tasted delicious by mixing them with the soy sauce.

The other dishes we had ordered were home-made deep fried beancurd with dried shrimps and marmite fried chicken.

Restaurant Name: Wong Chau Jun Fish Head Noodle 王昭君酸辣鱼头米粉
Address : 73, Jalan Rangoon, 10400 Penang.

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