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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Partners

The video above was found when I browsed through blogs yesterday. It's about love, or more specifically about love partners. The definition of love had been illustrated by 9 pairs of couples in the video. Betrayal, waiting for the loved one, trash and greed/desire for a better one, seduction,sex ,real love and the possible diseases that may caused such as AIDS , HIV had been illustrated. I was kinda impressed with the sentences : Each person's love is like a movie in which you and the partner are the main characters who lead and act in the movie.Fall in love just need 2 persons and how many couples can love each other for a lifetime?..

well, often seeing couples broke up because of lack of understanding,betrayal...Hmm..even be married for 10 years, the betrayal of husband/wife may happen..Perhaps, we should learn how to love,treasure and appreciate fully!..The betrayal,mistrust can cause a heart shattered badly~~

In Chinese, there's a sentence:前世的500次回眸才换来今生的一次擦肩而过。Hmm.. I am kinda believe in fate~~If he/ she is the right one that belongs to you, you will be having fruitful felicity.

Hence, treasure the loved ones, treasure your lover, treasure your life..=)