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Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Recently, I found an article that was about a list of phobias which had caught my interest.Atychiphobia means the fear of failure.I had to admit that I dislike traumatic events, embarrassment and failures! The failures in life experiences decreased my confidence, my self-esteem and the fear of failing to succeed had caused me subconsciously undermining my efforts to continue trying sometimes.

Nah, I always wanna to be a successful lady! An all-rounder! Of course, it might seem to be ridiculous as nobody can be perfect,right? Hmm.. Is Bill Gates the perfect one?!Throughout my life, I faced the failures in achieving my targets for several times. In life,we have many ambitious desires which are achieveable, just that we have to persevere stoically to achive our goals. Most of the time I failed were not because of setting a goal which was not within my reach, but was due to the atychiphobia and the lack of perseverance in the process of striving for reaching the stars.

Anyway, there's something I learned from my course subject- Marketing in which the goal we set has to be:


Today,my final results were released. When I was informed by Hui En, I was praying hard for achieving my target pointer. Honestly, I did smell the failure again after my economy failed to achieve at least A- due to my own mistake I made in the final. This time, with the lack of 0.02, I failed to achieve my goal again. Ouch! My heart was shattered again!

Last sem( lack of 0.01), This sem( lack of 0.02)...Oh, I hope it will not be continuosly having the deficiency again.. Please change the word "lack" to be " surplus/abundance..."

Even though I had failed to achieve the target pointer again, but my results did improve. I am glad that the efforts of mine had paid with the sweet smell of success( an increase of my overall pointers)...Hopefully, I could maintain my academic performance in order to achieve my goal in the 4 year-university life>> 1st Degree honor!

My goal that I had set for next sem: achieve the pointer of 3.85++..I am not going to be defeated by atychiphobia~~~