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Friday, June 25, 2010

Modernism and true Love

(The Silver Chamber of Sorrows)


Recently, I am watching these 2 dramas where the theme of the both dramas are love, family and authority. 'The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows" , a Hong Kong's drama which was about the traditional-domestic family that the dichotomy of men and women's roles and authority in the family. In the past, women were oppressed,disrespected and their main roles were to entertain or serve their husband. In the movie, the master of gold-making business( Paul Chun) had 4 wives, being abusive and threaten his wives if they disobey his orders. Furthermore, arranged marriages were inevitable where women's freedom and rights were neglected while the priority is given on the privileges of the marriage to the business/family.
What if one day you realized that you've fallen in love with someone you thought you wouldn't.... and certainly shouldn't? (quoted from Pou Leen Low)
In the drama," The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", the eldest daughter of the master had fallen in love with a servant and she was locked in the room with her hair being cut unevenly.Hmm.. it sounded so unfair! Women in traditional family were passive, soft ,dare not fight for their rights (or they even don't have such authority to say a NO)and receptive even treated like slaves, concubines and prostitutes.Huh!!!

Modernism in this day and age has been decreased the discrimination of women as they are treated fairly and entitled to job and educational oppotunities.

I wondered if woman can have few husbands in future..Haha..Man nowadays still can marry with few wives with the permission of the 1st wife.Hmm..why?Is woman labelled as prostitutes? Why can't a man be loyal to his wife as they have undergone so many precious moments and only able to be together. Hmph~~~I strongly detest the selfishness,intrigue, manipulation and disloyalty of man!!!

The latter is a Korean drama which is also known as ' Love You for 10 Million Times' which emphasizes true love would be fruitful. I am impressed with the true love between the two main characters of the drama(郑糠云& 李水京饰). The character of 李善英(高恩美饰)is kinda amazing due to her tolerance to accept the unreasonable requests/scoldings from her hubby's mom and willing to forgive her hubby to have a woman outside during a period. Ouch..for me, I can't accept my own husband to be with another woman outside!I hate betrayal and disloyalty!hmm..
Hmm..any guy can accept his gf that has become a surrogate mother in the past?Or...anyone can really ignore the past of your lover?