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Monday, June 7, 2010

Family conflict


What is the definition of family?
some say that it means the acronym of " Father and mom, I love You"
some say that family is a social unit that live together and support each other.
some say that it's comprised of blood-related genetically members. A intimacy connection?

It's veracious to say that respect,communication and trust are the cores of family relationships and harmony. However, below every single roof, most families encounter different type of family conflicts. Although quarrels are inevitable to occur among family members, yet in quarreling, the truth is always lost. The
family members are supposed to be honest, respect, and trustworthy with each other.

However, in this day and age,
hate, resentment, jealousy, rivalry, and disapproval are the most pertinent types of complexity among family members.There are skyrocketing broken families due to dad/husband indulging in drugs and gambling. Some parents are working round the clock,neglecting their children. Some parents are abusive and being violent, some even worse i.e. having salacious scene happen (rape cases , brother-sister incest and etc.). Some siblings fight and enter courts to fight for their passed-away parent's properties.Some desire to run away from home, divorce, or estrangement from family ties in order to escape from depressing life.

Family, are those who can observe and undertand your every expression of sorrows,happiness, anger, resentment and etcetera.
Family, should be the ones whom you can face them without wearing a mask to hide your emotion.
Family, should be the one who encourage, support and advice you whenever you meet the bane of one's life or have a can of worms.
Family, should be the one you are always can rely on when you are besetted with difficulties to seek for comforts.
Family, should be the one you will laugh or smile in heart whenever hear their names or think of them.

I never understand the rivalry between me and my rebellious brother.
Is it because I owed him last decade? Or traditionally, the son is still the most important and owns the most authority, and others need to tolerate with him no matter what? Why is he always be the pain in the neck?! Should I feel lucky that I do not have a brother who smoke and indulge in drugs? just a rebellious one?

I came home with the hope for the peaceful days, yet it turned out to be the miserable, unhappy and gloomy life during my holidays. Mutual respect should be established between both family members, not the respect of one to be earned or manipulated.

Family relationship lasts for a lifetime, the blood flows inside us are the same.
A person's parents and siblings will always be their parents and siblings.

Deep in my heart, I really hope that the family relationship can be enhanced and hopefully can build a good and warm family in future.

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