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Thursday, June 17, 2010



1) RECHARGE the brain, body and soul's battery...
2) BFF time...hanging out, coffee/desserts + gossip (chat) time together.
3) SHOPPING!!! haha..shopaholic me is waiting for the sky to drop money..($.$)
4) PAMPER MYSELF- I'm gotta having hybernation..haha..secondly, drama-sensation while sipping hot cocoa or tea..^^
5) De-mythologize and adjust expectations
6) BLOGGING- I'm rebuilding back my social network and personal blogging is FUN!haha..
7) TRAVELING Still in the plan~~
8)COOK AND BAKE AT HOME- Haha..mom never like me entering her kitchen while I lack of interests in cooking..LOL( I only love eating)
9) SKILLS-MANAGINGa.k.a. drawing and art-crafts..hehe..


Today, I read an article about buildings' design and I was very shocked by Dubai's buildings' designs. OMG! The designs of the buildings are very nice and really amazing!Have a look on the pictures below:

'dubai promenade'which is located between dubai marina and palm jumeirah, this wheel shaped five star hotel is built on a man-made peninsula.AMAZING!!!

Dubai's grand pyramid..From wikipedia,its design is derived from egyptian pyramids and this pyramid will be a multi-use space and flanked by two smaller pyramids housing the developer falconcity's offices and commercial space for a theme park.COOL!

The dubai city tower which is also called as vertical city with 1.28km height.I am impressed by the designs of the architecture projects in Dubai.

It is worth mentioning that there are many amazing architectural projects under planning and construction in Dubai,such as Dubai's Anara Tower,'the emaar towers'and etcetera. Do have a view on the websites about architecture projects of Dubai.