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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Appreciate life

It's surprising to hear that my friend's friend had jumped down from a building to commit suicide, and he's dead. Well, what comes to our thought when heard such news was: " What had happened to him?", "Why he chose such approach?" "Is the news real?"...Huh..although he is not my friend, but I do feel pity for him who has chosen such approach to end his life because of owing others money.. Huh, human beings, please do appreciate life although sometimes, the sorrows are hard to be beared. Be tough!

29th Aug., terrible night...
The rain falls because the sky can no longer handle its heavyness..Just like tears. It falls because the heart can no longer handle the pain...terrible night in which no concern was given while I was suffered of fever..

Life as having many unanticipated events where full of bittersweet moments. Indeed, there are moments in life that we need to get out from our comfort zone.Everything has its limits and it burst out when its totally heavy to carry on. But what's the essence of this quote is that we learn to let go of the pain.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Terribly Sick

It's a terrible week in which I was terribly in need for better quality of medicines!!!
Argh...went to pharmacy for few times and PKU (for twice), yet the sickness wasn't cured and yet it seemed like deteriorating , Haiz.... from sore-throat, fever till coughing and now>>caught flu~~gosh, I must be recovered before next week otherwise I will face difficulties to face the war of exams...

In need of healthy body,
In need of litres of clean water,
In need of concerns,
In need of antibiotic in which PKU never supplies me...
In need of rest
In need of better immune system...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..HELP!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Homesick!!I am counting down the dates to go back K.L. I 'm missing home baked mooncakes very much..Hmm..can't wait to watch the korean dramas that will be brought back by en..

Currently, I was very busy with the assignments and focus back on my neglected studies. Hmm..it would be a tough nut to crack to follow back as lacking of learning materials. Hmm..perhaps my gang were over-relaxed last week as we hanged out to BP Mall and carrefour..

Kinda sad of the friendship that goes sour and bitter after arising problems since last sem and this sem. Hmm.. I guessed it might be better to wear a mask rather than speaking too straightforward next time. Anyway, after a cozy chat among us, we set up a plan where each of us analyze each shortcomings and help each other to improve oneself. I'm a realist and not afraid of admitting my mistakes yet I might need people to point it out. Girls, let's improve ourselves...

Dedicated to Si En, a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words...A word of "sorry" might be hard to be said out, yet it's worth to be said to her whom you treated as your best friend. take care...=) see you in September..chill


23/8---japanese quiz...
24-26/8--- MIS test
2/9---manufacturing and QM test...
3/9---Business law test...

Seriously, I should engross in studies d..looking forward 25/9..ganbatte kudasai,carene!!! uh..

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Departures おくりびと which was the winner of 2009 academy award for the Best Foreign Movie. Its synopsis caught my attention and its theme song which named " Departures" instrumental song made me eager to watch it. The busy has no time for tears, yet this movie's synopsis reminded me about spending some time for the one we love.

Will I be missed if I leave the world one day?
Will anyone shed tears for me if I leave?
Will I have chance to thank them for their existence in my life?
Had I leave some memories etching in their minds before I leave?

❤ Appreciate the ones you love and shower them with love and care ❤

Friday, August 6, 2010





Thursday, August 5, 2010

The imcompleted mission

Due to the unnoticed cancelled class, the whole gang had been gone to the main library to surf the Internet to rush up the assignment while I took the chance to write a journal. Hmm..I wondered when will my technical writing lecturer would like us to send her the journals. Well, I had been looking forward for the day that my missions to be completed...Nah..the missions are the followings:

Every girls hopes to being charming, gorgeous, pretty and SLIM! Nah...I just don't understand why I eat less,yet...T.T Perhaps I shall go for jogging more often already. Recently, my gang were established a goal i.e. body-shaping aligning with the thought of going to the prom night. It may sound ridiculous or funny to guys but do any girls wish for being criticized over their body shapes?No right?

Isn't the model looked gorgeous?

Let's see what will girls to achieve this goal...By eating body-shaping pills, by dieting, by jogging or yoga, by applying body-shaping cream and etcetera..I wondered which's the most effective way to get efficacy?Let's hope my goal will be established then.

The second goal of mine might be trying my best to love Manufacturing subject( Why girls need to know welding,filing and operating machines?!!!), Business Law and Management of Technology. Obviously, I lack of enthusiasm in studying these subjects which ain't my cup of tea. Hmm..I gotta try my best to participate in class discussion as well. Being proactive rather than being passive, yet I am kind of coward to speak up my opinions over the case studies. What the MOT lecturer said had beared in my mind i.e. a university student should act and think like a university student, being punctual, proactive and able to contribute ideas...

(to be continued)