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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Down My Memory Lane

30th of May-

Its the last day I worked in the fishery company.Everyone of the company except the security guards had known that I will leave the company on the faithful day.Well,its the place where I have sweet and bitter memories here.I recognized a bunch of good friends and its plausible to say that I have learnt many things during this working period.

The following person had made my working life very interesting and fulled of fun+ sorrow and here are the memories we share:

1) Kiki a.k.a Kei Kei (Assistant Manager)

We always spent our lunch time together.At first,she always wanted me to share with her meals which are made by her bf a.k.a George.Yea,that's a cool guy who is so caring.^^Okay,back to kiki.As I said,she's my assistant manager,my job is to help sharing the burden of work.She is very responsible and caring.I am quite admiring her working spirit although its kinda over(too workaholic).For example,sometimes,she works till 11pm!Hmm..she seem to be a powerful lady,yet she cries easily whenever in stress or sadness.Anyway,I'm glad to have her as good friend!

2) Ah Lee a.k.a Ah Guan ( The nickname- Alibaba ) - Sales Executive

He's the 1st student of mine whom I shared out what I had learnt on the 7th working day.Secondly,he's the 2nd youngest in the company and the youngest in the sales department if without me.^^Hmm..a helpful guy who always lent a helping hand when I can't handle my orders.He's the victim of the witch of the company who always touched his face,pinches him and etc.As the proverb goes,"Don't judge a book by its cover",this guy looks quite gentleman and patient,yet he will speak out rude words out of the blue.Nah,he's said to be the most handsome guy of the company.Single-status girl can ask for his contact info from me privately.Hehe..

3) Ah Sam a.k.a 心灰

Ah Sam was my tutor who taught me to handle inter-company's orders.The 1st impression he gave me was "OMG,he's even shorter than me! Hmm..and why his act so childish?"Haha..its seem very rude to say so.Yet he's the one who always bullied me and scared me out of sudden.When I requested him to help,he oftenly treatened me with Secret Recipe's cakes as return.T_T Anyway,he brought many laughters to us during the working hour.I do think that he will be the great partner if you need someone to be your game partner.^^

4) Madam Shu

A woman who wears Crocodile branded sandals as slippers to work.She came to sales department with Ah lee on the same day.Well,she had been labelled as the weirdest woman since the day she came to interview.She asked the HR manager to give her a seat to fill in the application form.On the 1st day she worked,she asked Ah Sam to give him the seat.Hmm..her comings seem to be a nightmare for all of us!We had taught her till wanna vomit blood as she refused to note down on papers to enhance her memory!Huh...A rude lady to refuse to help on her lunch time,always askes Ah lee to buy lunch,always complains to General Manager that she's not be given orders to handle and etc.

5) Ms. Niam - The Admin

A rich woman who is rich with working experiences.She double checked my daily sales collection statements and credit notes.She put priority on the neatness of work and its proven by the daily sales reports which she kept orderly.I had a nice time to chat with her as she always understand the semantics of right and wrong before making any judgements.She's the one who told me about the darken side of the working place after I involved in a case.Thank you,Ms. Niam.

6) Ms. Tibah Chong and Ms Lim (her nickname which is given by Ah Sam -靓师奶)

Ms. Tibah Chong is a chinese/indian mix woman and she had a wonderful marriage.She's my 3rd student after Madam Shu.I could say that she's the smartest student of mine as she can cope with the item codes well!Although our culture are different,yet kiki and I can have cozy chats with her.We 3 even shared a drink together before! However, Ms. Lim (my another student too) is our leng leng and she's famous with her bouncy pom pom hairs.She is polite and has persistence in learning although she never use pc before.I personally hope she can handle the orders without any errors after i leave the company.

7) Mr. Tony (The Sales Manager)

Hmm..he can be awarded as the best one who gave sweet talks to girls.Every girl can be said till like the beauties!Hehe..Well,I could only thank him for hiring me indirectly and he gave me chance to learn using the typewritter to type tender list of Hilton Hotel on the final week I worked.Thank you!

8) Ah Hei and Ah Eng(The lorry drivers)

My days are always brighten by Ah Hei's arrivance.He always greeted me with opened arms during the mornings.Hmm..well,the closest driver is Ah Eng because he always rushed to the sales department to get hotels' orders. I will miss his fierce look very much!

9) Mr Tioh a.k.a Ah Keong Gor (Warehouse executive) and Ngo Jie

He left the company on 29th of May.Hmm..he taught me to handle the outstation's transport notes.Ngo Jie taught me to learn the names of different kind of fishes in the retail shop. She even taught me the methods of cooking fishes! COOL! hehe..I miss her curry~~

10) Ms Ding and Winnie Mun

These two ladies are my new good friends after my ex-colleague i.e. Xin Yi resigned.Their faces always braced with smiles especially Ding Ding.Both of them have been called by the colleagues as the Twins due to the reason that they always being together.I appreciate them for fetching me for lunch and the cozy chats especially Winnie.Hmm.. because of them,I only started to know Taman Ehsan also have many nice foods ;)

11) Mr. Too ( General Manager)

I'm gonna to represent Ms. Chong and Kiki to thank him for treating us mouth-washing lunches.Hmm..2ndly,profuse thanks to him for letting me to have chance to work there so that I had fate to recognize a bunch of friends + colleagues apart from gaining richful working experiences.Oh yea,thanks for the farewell too..Hehe..I'm surely miss the Squid Babies!!!By the way,I do hope him to be not so kiam siap in giving salaries.Its a fallacy to think that his employees should put higher priority in work only.Well,then the love ones are less important than work? Hmm..

Finally, profuse thanks to the farewells which were organized by my dear colleagues and I have to show my appreciation to Kiki(my assistant manager) who had guided me during the working days.Thanks for the gifts which were given by Ms. Chong and Kiki.


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