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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back from faraway place to SWEET HOME

As the saying goes,"east or west,home is the best", I was back to K.L. after 6 weeks to be in UTHM.The uni had an earlier closure as Batu Pahat's in the imminent danger of swine flu attack.Well,although it will be 11 days of holidays,yet we are given assignments and have to do revision for the approaching tests and quizes.
On the way back to K.L., I felt so much wanted to sing " I'm On My way Back Home"~~

I have been missed KL very much not only parents,but also the basic necessarities like food,shelther and clothing.My bedsheets and blankets can finally enjoy sunbath here.Moreover,I can enjoy the tranquil environment to do my revision.I'm gonna to meet my dear friends and have many storries to tell soon.I'm totally overwhelmed with happiness to be with my sweet family and dear friends.Hence,i wanna shout out " I LOVE KL" here!!!


Ban mee noodles VS 面粉粿(without mushrooms,Fried Anchovy (ikan bilis)
Curry noodles VS Laksa

- Everyday in uni,we have to crack our heads to think what to eat for our 3 meals daily.We have not much choices there like fried noodles,经济饭,nasi goreng pattaya,nasi lemak and breads! Haiz....I'm still prefer KL foods especially ban mee,fried hokkien mee,fried yi mian and etc.Of course,home cook by mom is more preferable!!!I have not drank SOUP daily in BP~~

Anyway, there's some photos taken in university and hostel~~

Left: Mei Mei from Malacca, Hui En from Skudai;Johor , Siew Chen from Sibu and me during the MHS

Mandy and I

Most of the girls in BPB year 1..

-it's drawn by zhen2 and each of the anime character represents the housemates of M3-01

yeah..each cartoon on the door represents us..de housemates in m3-01..isn't it cute?lol

~~many pictures are going to be uploaded soon~~

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