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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evaluation on group assignment...

Evaluation on group assignment...

Nah..I'm reluctantly complained about what I had experienced during the business financial a/c group assignment.3 chinese(including me) and 2 malays were assigned together to do financial statements of a public listed company from Bursa Malaysia and we chose Ajinamoto(M) Bhd. I was infuriated with the attitudes of those particular malays."Sorry,sat and sun. are my family days, i can't come for the discussion", " I'm sick, I can't finish it, sorry"...O_o! They showed no contributions in group assignment,didn't seem to be making any effort to do so!! I don't love the idea that they will just get credit for "doing the assignment "(worth 15% of our final grade).

I lose trusts on these fellows after checking the piece of their works.In horizontal analysis and vertical analysis(The simplest analysis),the -ve value become +ve value and vice versa.With the soft copies of other groups to refer,they just changed the value.Gosh! After all,the chinese have to help finishing and correcting them.1 of the chinese group member had insulted me and Y.Y- our requests to ask her to help out had been rejected thrice and the excuse she gave: " I'm lack of sleep!" Huh.. I had spent 2 hours to sleep in order to help correcting her analysis and finishing the explanation. Eventually,I concluded this group assignment was more likely individual assignment which I had done most of the analysis and explanation.

The underlying cause of such situation happened not the lack of communication among each other, but it's the lack of self-responsibility( those particular 2) and the selfishness of her. From what I had seen from the other groups,well, most likely same kind of situations happened. 1 orchestrated the whole assignment while others just depended on her without offering help.

As a member of the group, we should understand each and group's role,commit to spending time in discussion and working togather on group assignments,take a proactive role in resolving conflicts and etc.

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