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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Langkawi Trip with family

Langkawi Trip with my family (from 20th dec till 23rd 2009)

It's not like a piece of cake to organise a family trip especially for a family with a busy dad,a daughter who studies at the south while another studies at the north,another two more are busy with tons of holidays homeworks and of course attending tuitions.Year 2009,two daughters are separated far apart for their future studies and while another two have no major exams to sit for,hence we have decided to go for family vacation during the year-end holidays.

Although it will be the 3rd time to go to Langkawi Island,yet I am still looking forward for it..It'll be etching in my minds as this time is going with my family!

On 19th Dec 2009, we had been headed to Penang Island(Bayan Baru) i.e. my aunt's house.We spent our night by going to shopping at Queensbay Mall and dad bought me a blouse and a Googles branded Jeans.XD..

On 20th Dec 2009, after eating breakfast at Penang Island, we went to Kuala Kedah's jetty to abraod ferry to Langkawi Island.Again,we waited for an hour before the ferry arriving.I wondered why the transports (Bus,Ktm Komuter,LRT,and even the ferry) in our country always being late! HUH!!! We reached jetty point of Langkawi Island at 3.40pm and we rented a car as our transport in Langkawi Island.After we settled down in our hotel, we had our lunch and then headed to Eagle Square and Lagenda Park.After that,we went for SHOPPING! We bought lotsa chocolates,mostly is for mom to let her taste buds enjoy..lol..erm,I bought a luggage bag.

Lagenda Park

~me and mom~
~en, min and xian posing~
~still the sweet couples~

On 21st Dec 2009, we started our trip from our Bella Vista Hotel to the west of the island:

 Laman Padi, Cenang Beach, Underwater World,Cable Car and Oriental Village , 
Black Sand Beach ,Air Hangat Village...at Bella Vista Hotelat Cenang Beach
En with her paddy
me at the paddy field..
On 22nd Dec 2009, after having breakfast in the hotel, we went to walk around our hotel and enjoyed the natural view of the sea.Our ferry's departure time was delayed for an hour again ..Haiz... We stayed overnight at aunt's house before going back to KL..

...............me and en in front of Bella Vista Hotel

at the jetty...
(More photos in facebook photo gallery)

I remembered what dad said to mom when we took a family photo,he said," it will not have a lot of chances for us to take family photos or having family vacation as they(the youngsters) have grown up and separated for studies or work soon"...Hmm...felt kinda sad when heard that as that's the naked truth..Huh..no matter how, I love my family forever~~

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