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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Homecook and A cozy chat with close buddies

The post of the day:all about foods that I had eaten today~~
Temptation of taste

Part 1 Homecook (Mom's own recipe)

Hmm..homecook dishes by mom! It's the famous Cantonese Cuisine that was cooked by mom i.e. Wanton Noodles with own grilled cha siew, some porks, vegetables and fresh chinese egg noodles. Hmm..due to the lack of time for preparation, so today's Wanton Noodles do not have the wantons.. >.<

Ouch, u might comment that the portion is large! haha.. it's my breakfast and lunch of the day. =)

Part 2: A cozy chat with close buddies and Yan's belated birthday dinner ^^A special dinner with Yan Yan Hor for her belated 21st Birthday! Due to the reason that I ( and HH) failed to organize a birthday party on Sunday, hence we treat her a nice meal today! Me, Chin Ting, Wen Xuan, Zebra a.k.a Zhi Ling and Austin and Yan Yan had dinner at D' Fortune Western Cuisine and Cafe @ Bandar Menjalara.

When we reached D' Fortune, it's fully booked and we had to wait for few minutes to get seated.The photos above were captured when we settled down. The environment and the design of the place seem to be very nice. Each of us was given a fortune cookie which had a small note of advice or wish inside.

From left to right and then top to below~~

Yan2 had ordered her favourite Chicken Cordon Bleu at RM 14.90 and carrot milk. Well, she told us that she came here for many times, yet she only ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu. The sauce seemed nice! I ordered D'Fortune Seafood Spaghetti at RM12.50 which had been recommended by Xi Voon ( via her blog ), indeed it tasted very delicious with the fresh seafood: mussel, prawns, squids and lalas. However, I prefer the spaghetti noodles they used for cooking carbonara.

Chin Ting had ordered Salmon Steak and commented that her food's portion is abit small, not enough to fill the emptiness of her stomach while Wen Xuan had ordered Seafood Arabiatta that was less spicy and with tomatoes~~I do think that his food tasted nice by the looking of it. Hmm.. Zhi Ling and Austin had ordered the same food in which we forgot about the name of it. Indeed, it's the cheapest spaghetti there and by the looking of it, it should be tasty as well.

The D' fortune cookie

Let's see what's the content of the small notes we got:
(From top to bottom: Zhi Ling, Chin Ting, Wen Xuan, Yan Yan and mine..Austin's D' Fortune cookies notes had lost)

All of us finished our dinner around 9.45pm and chatted till 12.05am. Zhi Ling and her bf had went home earlier at 10++pm in order to watch the American Idol Show. What a cozy chat we had that day~

PS: About the service of D' Fortune, 9/10! The waitress served each of us with a glass of sky juice around 11.30pm when we were busy gossiping.

PS: Hope Yan yan likes the shirt we bought for her. Wondering how's the look of the creatures if they do glowed in the dark. COOL!

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