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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Over the past few weeks, the racism issue has become the talk of the town with the servants of the government under the education system have committed certain acts which disrupted the racial sentiments in the country. Reading about the disgraced issues of headmistress who named as Siti Inshah, I am kinda shocked with the spoken words from this woman's mouth : Chinese students are not needed in the school and can go back to China or Sekolah Foon Yew (a private Chinese school in Johor), and that the prayer strings Indian students wear on their neck and wrist make them look like dogs, and only dogs would be tied this way.

It's such a disrespect towards other races whereby it's no truth stated that her ethnic group is the origin in this country. Furthermore, without other races as collaboration in business and many other fields, I guess it wont be having Malaysia celebrating its 53rd Independence Day! Without the efforts and consolidations in building up our country's economics, can the country make a breakthrough towards development?! There's arising issues of racists of headmaster in Kedah who called his students to go back to China. Well, the racist remarks by the educators in this multi-racial country had shown a contrast towards our PM's 1 Malaysia's initiative.I was impressed with the Namawee's video which entiled "Nah" which contained the main objective of condemning and speaking up for the rest of us towards discrimination although the obscene or foul words were being used . I hope the draconian measures will be taken towards the educators who had involved in uttering the racist remarks.Hopefully, there's no cover-up cases again!Regardless of the skin colour of the culprit, he or she should be dealt with the law accordingly.

Apart from the racists remarks uttered by the educators, there's another embarrassing issue which had happened in parliament. I wonder if the black sheeps could stop mis-allocating the power of political agenda or motives and etc. in devastating the country's harmony and peace! 1 Malaysia concept shall not be exhortation or slogan, but being practiced towards the development of country!

A Chinese woman who wanted to lodge a report being asked by the inspector
to go back to China as failed to speak in Malay

The happenings in Parliament.. =.=|| Can someone define the roles of politicians to me?! hmm..

I ♥ Malaysia, but does Malaysia ♥ me?? I can't feel the love..