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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

100th post


Yeah, it's finally 100th post of my territory~It might have been months ago if I was more hardworking and persistent in writing blog, well, My Palace,My symphony of life and the rhythm in My heart is celebrating a festival named Happy 100th Post..LOL.. (being lame)

It's really spending a quite long period to write 100 blog posts. Well, I spent 840 days to write for my territory to make it as meaningful as it can be. It has been a part and parcel of my life.People often ask me how I come up with things to blog about, well, it's all about my life, myself...Nah, technology-literacy empowers the networking, yet I don't blog for the social networking, but to note down the milestones, memories, life of mine~What takes me continue blogging? Hehe..the passion, spirit and commitment are the keys to reach the 100 post milestones. Well, I will keep blogging and I love my website!
So, enough self-aggrandizing, onto the 100th post:
There's something I would like to decreed for my territory..An idea that I viewed from wordles.com and that's really something below..hmm..100 words that describe about me XD

Wordle: Untitled11

Click it for a bigger view..=)
Some random photos of the author of the blog...

I love this photo..!

as being a youth, why not acting cute sometimes?! haha..


dad and sis were back from their trip finally..
glad to have them back at home =)

my house has 4 more panda bear soft toys nw..haha..representing 4 of us again XD


2 cute birds are cuddling with each other..you could see how lovely are them!
nah, it's not easy to capture this..
I had been watching the two cute yellowish birds chipping or caroling on the tree outside my house for some moments,and took this picture after few trials. Yet, the picture is still blur..Huh

Friday, September 10, 2010

Before Mooncake Festival

It was great to have holidays after some tragic moments that I experienced..Haha..it sounded bad?lol..Anyway, I am getting back into shape. Gotta thank my friends especially my course mates who had encouraged and supported me.. Ok, I shall note the self-promise here..I GOTTA STUDY BUSINESS LAW,MOT AND JAPANESE..oh no, i m gonna in deep trouble since I wasted quite some time. Hmm..lacked of good mood and because of sickness and insomia..huh.. my study plan has dragged some time..

In short, MIA in the past few days..

Well, I wanna blog about this...Mom, Thank you! I am getting admired of her hands, her determination for baking life and her baking skill!She baked moon cakes again this year, and I mooncakes!!!

Here are some photos......

mom continued making after I failed to make another 3 after showing me the procedures

haha..they are readied to be eaten! ROAR~~
Tomorrow, mom will be baking traditional moon cakes again..
I am preparing my stomach for them^^
Okay, I shall not forget this...I

100% lemon flavor with pandan skin..( mom's creative idea of mixing them..haha..)
well, i love sour-sweet food..so this suits my taste=)
and of course, I love the salty egg yolk..

Lousy si en, don dare to take a try
Since it's finally 99th post, haha.. i'm gonna reward sth to my blog..lol..joking..
a photo to share.. I just succeeded to make the second one (instead of round beads..)

duration of process: more than 3 hours.. =(
That's it..=)

hmm..yesterday, it's no longer looks like this after my itchy hands did sth towards it..

it's in need of siew chen's thread/string to make it back in fixer shape..=)

Monday, September 6, 2010


Tears are words the heart can't express,
Tears fall,
They can be easily wiped off with the sleeves,
but how do I erase the stain from my heart?
How to mend the shattered heart which often be teared?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Over the past few weeks, the racism issue has become the talk of the town with the servants of the government under the education system have committed certain acts which disrupted the racial sentiments in the country. Reading about the disgraced issues of headmistress who named as Siti Inshah, I am kinda shocked with the spoken words from this woman's mouth : Chinese students are not needed in the school and can go back to China or Sekolah Foon Yew (a private Chinese school in Johor), and that the prayer strings Indian students wear on their neck and wrist make them look like dogs, and only dogs would be tied this way.

It's such a disrespect towards other races whereby it's no truth stated that her ethnic group is the origin in this country. Furthermore, without other races as collaboration in business and many other fields, I guess it wont be having Malaysia celebrating its 53rd Independence Day! Without the efforts and consolidations in building up our country's economics, can the country make a breakthrough towards development?! There's arising issues of racists of headmaster in Kedah who called his students to go back to China. Well, the racist remarks by the educators in this multi-racial country had shown a contrast towards our PM's 1 Malaysia's initiative.I was impressed with the Namawee's video which entiled "Nah" which contained the main objective of condemning and speaking up for the rest of us towards discrimination although the obscene or foul words were being used . I hope the draconian measures will be taken towards the educators who had involved in uttering the racist remarks.Hopefully, there's no cover-up cases again!Regardless of the skin colour of the culprit, he or she should be dealt with the law accordingly.

Apart from the racists remarks uttered by the educators, there's another embarrassing issue which had happened in parliament. I wonder if the black sheeps could stop mis-allocating the power of political agenda or motives and etc. in devastating the country's harmony and peace! 1 Malaysia concept shall not be exhortation or slogan, but being practiced towards the development of country!

A Chinese woman who wanted to lodge a report being asked by the inspector
to go back to China as failed to speak in Malay

The happenings in Parliament.. =.=|| Can someone define the roles of politicians to me?! hmm..

I ♥ Malaysia, but does Malaysia ♥ me?? I can't feel the love..