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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess that You Don't Even Bother...

Guess that You Don't Even Bother

I never have the chance to say goodbye,
Perhaps you are just meant too much,
But sooner or later I’m gonna have to let go,
In order to move on my journey,
Instead of holding tight to the past.

My heart is an open window,
Things just come and go,
But nobody ever stays like he/she promises.
But if you stop by and listen to it carefully,
You will notice it is broken piece by piece.

No one is going to last forever,
People leave and people change.

we're left alone wondering why our life became hell,
But sometimes we are left wondering
how we met the people that shaped us,
made us into who we are now.

I don't even know how could the story ever started,
and how it ended with...and do you want to know the worst part?
i never got my last goodbye, no i love you, no nothing.
just tears, pain and heart ache.

Loving you doesn't scare me,
Just the thought that you don’t love me, it does.
I think about you more than i should
but my mind doesn't seem to care, and neither do I.
Sometimes, i wonder if you love me for the things i've done
or that you love me because of who I am;
Or because I am the person who see's you
for everything you don’t see yourself as.

Yeah, life is just like a merry-go-round,
with ups and downs...
People used to say stand up where you fell,
but I would say lie there till there's the time to stand up again.

Some people wish for luxury,
And others wish for health,
But what do i wish for? I wish for you to be happy.
So that I will be too...=)

Love shouldn't hurt like it does