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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Moving into New Territory

It was the day that we moved to new territory. In other words, we moved to a new place. There are many reasons causing my parents in this decision. One of the reasons is hope that 4 of the children to live in more comfortable surroundings. 

Leaving a place which I spent almost 20 years with was saddening enough. Moreover, how many of my friends or loved one could be connected after I had been moving to a farer place. She told me,' If the person wants to find you, she/he will able to find you since you have informed about the address'. Well, I lack of confidence in her spoken words. How many of us used to say that we will still keep in touch, but forgetting that it takes two to move the best foot forward each other?

A busy day ended after transferring furniture, un-boxing the clothes and groceries.  Here are some pictures of my current home...
My city


The swimming pool
My 24th birthday, Christmas and New Year 2014 will be spent in the new home.
Do you ever know how I wish that you would be able to come over?