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Saturday, April 26, 2014

With Mother of Nature @ Kepong Botanic Garden;Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Most who live in Kepong shall be familiar with Kepong Botanic Garden which is under management of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). The entrance fee is RM1 per adult and there are various car parks at the external of Kepong Botanic Garden. It is differed comparing with the canopy walkway of Main Entrance of FRIM.

It was 7.30am; Sunday and there were so many people whom had finished their jogging sessions! I was somehow reluctantly to wake up in such an early morning to go for jogging. However, my mom had been nagged till woke me up.Huh...

The sudden thought of having some scenery photos had me bringing along my little baby along. Here are the abundant of photos which I captured:

trees;garden;botanic garden

 Fascinated by the yellow lantern-shaped flowers.
FRIM KEPONG;trees;garden;botanic garden
 Bird of Paradise Flower.
The meaning of the flower carries: Freedom, Happiness & Good luck.
 Hmm, the combination of the colours had just attracted me! Well, it lacked of blue colour!
 My mom mentioned that the flowers looked like fire crackers.
FRIM KEPONG;trees;garden;botanic garden
 I had no idea what flower is this...


stones shape
 Different rocks like representing various kind of humans. 
 A successful shot of morning glory after avoiding the bees around them (me).

It would be great to reading under trees.
 blossom tree
The blossom tree!
Additionally, the flowers are in purple colour! 
I feel like going to Japan at once!
 The most satisfied photo of the day! 

 The opposite of the lens are the wide forests.
 The right place if you're looking for solitude.
The endless laps around the laps which attracted me to drop by capturing abundant photos.
 The view is just simply breathtaking.

 The breathtaking view contributed by precious and beautiful plants with the verdant green-cloaked hills 
 Reflection of the pine hill and small pavilion in the lake.
 Going through the final stretch of the walkway.
 While walking across the small bridge, few dead fish were seen.
Also, there were many people feeding fishes with their almost expire breads. Huh...

 A small pathway heading to the center of the Botanic Garden in which most adults doing their exercise there.

The mist had finally gone, replacing by the bright sunshine.
 After session of simple exercises with mom, we headed home for breakfast.
Before leaving, we found this plant nearby the public toilet facilities.
Any one knows the name of the plant?
 Kepong Botanic Garden;Forest Research Institute Malaysia

The Kepong Botanic Garden is definitely worth visiting and it is a wonderful spot for photography and short getaway.I shall say it's like a showcase of scenic ponds greenery backdrop, plants and flowers.

However, I think the maintenance of Botanic Garden shall be improved as rubbish could be seen along the track. The public shall be more educated of not throwing their almost expired breads into the lake and management shall be look serious into this matter.