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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Salted Glutinous Rice Balls on Christmas Day 2014

Winter Solstice had just passed three days ago and our family would like to have another version of glutinous balls on this Christmas Day.Tong Yuen are small round balls made of glutinous rice flour. We used to eat salty glutinous rice balls with prawn soup in previous years till we changed the habit to taste glutinous rice balls in sweet soup (rock sugar soup) version. 

Let's see the salted version of glutinous rice balls.

The soup is easy to be prepared with ingredients such as pinches of shitake mushrooms, prawns, vegetables and some minced pork meats. You may choose to have prawn shells based soup or chicken soup which tastes more flavorful.

The glutinous rice balls could be without filling or with fillings of minced pork (pork and shrimps mixed with pinch of salt, pepper, sesame oil and etc.)

After that, just put the glutinous rice balls into big pot of hot, boiling water. The well-cooked glutinous rice balls will float on the water, signifying they are ready to be served.

Lastly,the salted glutinous rice balls readies to be served.


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