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Friday, May 12, 2017

Satisfy the Cravings for Japanese Feast @Aoki Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题); Sunway Nexis

Maya Angelou said it best, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” A great dinner treat from the head of department for recognizing and acknowledging each members' hard work for achieving sales target in the previous financial year. On that night, it was a celebration of achievements for all! The dinner was held at Aoki Tei Japanese Restaurant; Sunway Nexis. A well-meant gratitude had been expressed by the boss before everyone started to fill up each stomach with food.

Aoki Tei Japanese Restaurant; a good venue for satisfying the cravings for platefuls of sashimi,mix of raw fishes, sushi, seafood drenched with cheese and etcetera. The a-la-carte buffet priced at RM58++ for lunch and RM78++ for dinner. Bottomless drinks including green tea, sake and beers were available at Aoki Tei.

A red Kimono was hanged at the main interior as decoration and above it was the Aoki Tei 's sake.

It wasn't the typical buffet that had full range of dishes served at one side, but Aoki Tei offered ala-carte buffet which was made-to-order. A better way to remain the freshness of food. While there're more than 70 dishes to be ordered, yet each stomach had limited capacity to try all. Here's some of the Japanese feast that we had on that night. 


Umai Chinmi was good to be served as appetizer before starting the feast.
Seasoned octopus was very flavorful, while not many of us fancy with the seasoned jelly fish.

Grilled mackerel fish with salt (Saba Shioyaki) which was served with a slice of lemon to enhance the taste.
Chawan Mushi or Japanese steamed egg
California hand rolls
Top Glass Salad with shredded chickens and assorted vegetables.
It was ordered to balance up the meals as not all would like to be carnivores! :)
Sashimi (5pcs)
The most satisfying feast of tonight was the thick slices of  fresh sashimi. I had eaten 5 thick slices of it and regretted for not ordering one more platter.

Delicious sizzling seafood comprised of tiger prawns, salmon and squid legs topped with cheese.
 Cheese Baked Oysters were very scrumptious and we had topped up few orders after the first try. 
The tasty oyster topped with melted cheese. 
Gani Cheese Fried ordered by the next table.
I was anticipated for unagi yet there's no eel fish served here.
Mini chicken pizza

Well, it's like a heaven for sushi and sashimi lovers where the next table had been serving with jumbo platter and crystal platter. According to one of the eaters, nothing was very top notch about it, but good enough to satisfy one's cravings for sashimi.
Jumbo Platter

Crystal platter
8 kinds of seafood are included in this set and it's definitely worth ordering for feasting since this dish was costed RM199.
Takoyaki - The famous Japanese street food was served piping hot.
The flavorful diced octopus was crispy on the outside.
Prawn tempura with too much batter flours.
The batter was thick, tasted heavy, covered the taste of prawns which was suited my taste.
Soft shell crab hand rolls
Crispy crab, lettuce, Terriyaki sauce and mayo.
I had tasted two hand rolls of this due to the orders were mixed up, yet delightful of the taste.
Edamame beans- great healthy snacks when your stomachs need a rest after filling up with too many meats.
Miso soup (Japanese bean paste soup)
The feedback from the eaters that the miso soup tasted much more flavorful compared to Gyu Suji Nabe.

Inari sushi with salad dressings 
Sake Kurage Maki-Jelly fish rolls wrapped inside-out with salmon and avocado.
Hmm, nothing much special for me but those who didn't fancy of fresh raw food were satisfied with it. Desserts were available with the 4 different flavors of ice-cream i.e. vanilla, matcha, chocolate and wasabi. The matcha ice-cream was too good that I had the 2nd scoop.Mild bitterness with the nice green tea scent.
Chocolate flavor ice-cream was good for sweet-tooth.

Matcha ice-cream here yielded a perfectly sweet with mild bitterness, creamy dessert.

The celebration would not be exciting without the free flow of sake and beers. Raising up the glasses of beers/ sake or cups of green tea to cheer for the good achievement, hoping for the best to the current year! The celebration for those who born in April and May had heated up the party at the end.  

One of the group photo I liked the most.


Aoki-Tei Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Unit D-GF-05, Sunway Nexis
Jalan PJU 5/2, Kota Damansara
Phone number: 03 61436868- Table booking recommended