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Friday, August 29, 2008

catching up the voice in me~~

a little bit update of myself~~

It is a Spider's lair of forgotten despairs
I find myself searching for true friends and love
Everyone needs someone to stand by their side
Everyone needs a special someone to have their back.

It's delicate webbing to catch my fears
The final school life seem to be besetted with problems
There,when a guy talks to much to a girl,another girl might be jealous( nah,creepy feeling whenever talk to single-status guys)LOL
There,a girl might simply spoil others' friendships just to fulfill what she wants
There,some juniors' act are just very unprecedented (maybe for someone-me from girl school)
Fragments of all these,perhaps becoming half-remembered dreams in the future

The silence is defending.
My mind shouts realities,
True friends hard to be found
Love can't be reached
Here,I have made a revelation...
I will vow my enduring love
To adorn real friends and value if you treasure the friendships

No spiders,cats,reptiles,no creepy things that scare me( at this mean time^^)
The only fears that are truly justified
Are the nightmares that await me when I open my eyes?

-the end-

i may look brave to you.
but inside i'm nothing but a coward.

>>i need you to believe in me,and tell me it's alright <<

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