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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Birthday Celebrations

"Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky, there would be no love in my life, there'd be no world left of me."
- Leann Rimes

Without friends around me, my life will be insensate, there would be a dull day i spent for my 19th birthday.On 18th of Dec. , my classmates( bee yen, sze yiing, han hau, yan yan, yih loong, sua, wong and li yin) had organized a gathering/ celebration at Island Cafe.I am thankful to the organizers for making the efforts to plan although I knew there's some unhappiness happened before the day.A profuse thanks to han hau who bought the Big Apple doughnuts and of course to my dear classmates,thanks for the card and the birthday song..Well, honestly, looking at the card, 真是哭笑不得!!

On 19th of Dec,I celebrated my birthday with my close friends( chin ting, yan and zhi ling) and 2 more gentlemen a.k.a Wen Xuan and Ah Hui in Sg. Wang. As planned,we were also celebrated chin ting's birthday as well which falls on 24th of Dec.We spent our time at Sushi Station and sing k..Woohoo, it's unexpectable that Wen Xuan can be so " high" when singing,solo as he is considered shy and quiet in school.In contrast, another guy is obviously too quiet lo...

There's lots of surprises given by yan yan they all which made me stunts for times today.

1st: When the time for singing k was ended,the screen of the tv had shown the last song which played was ended,suddenly wen xuan used de microphone and said there's still a song not yet to be sang.. and that's the happy birthday song and I received the gifts from them...Nice one.. Thank you so much!!!

2nd: Surprise from the cunning yan yan and chin ting~~ Haiz,I was being dumbfounded. T_T At KL Central station, chin ting had pretended receiving a call from someone and said will go and buy a cake for the bbq xmas party at Pei Ling's house.Luckily there's no incoming calls to chin ting that time.Haha!Well,reminisced back it was really funny as I was accompanied chin ting to buy the cake and thanks to wee yen who revealed secret accidentally so that i knew the cake was actually bought for me. haha!!!

3rd: At Pei Ling's house- Xmas Party.Another surprise coming from yan yan and the st john friends.Well, I bet the idea was coming from yan yan again. She and others sang the birthday song, and out of sudden she turned to a junior; Bey Lin and said she's also having birthday on the same day. OK, good show.. I thought it was real.

4th: Receiving the biggest birthday card from st john friends( suet min, sue ann, mei ern, ying qing, chia wen, pei ling, wee yen and etc.) THANKS ALOT!!!

The 1st time I spent my birthday by hanging out with friends for the whole day~~ It's really unforgetable and exciting.

Profuse thanks to my friends who have celebrated with me, wished me through friendster or facebook comments and sms.Oh yea, thanks to shin peih,val,von,shan and wai min who had bought me a handbag as gift last week.

Last but not least, Happy birthday to me...

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