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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Detours on My University Life

Its like been not updating my territory for ages.Sorry guys as I was busy with my chores in the university (assignments,group discussion, hostel's activities and etc.)


Everyone seems to have an opinion based on their own experiences, perspectives and etcetera after knowing that I decided to pursue my studies in UTHM which was assigned by UPU to me..Some support my decision and some strongly disagree me to enter such an infamous university to study something that's out of my interest.Well,this is the path I have chosen and now, I could only ensure that I must strive hard to reach for the stars : Achieve 1st degree !!!

Before I continue,I would like to congrats my friends i.e. Li Yin and Pei Shan who had successfully entered UKM after the 2nd intake.Well,I was still kinda regretted of been ticked "accept the 9th choice" and being assigned to UTHM! Maybe I can be as lucky as the 2nd intake student to enter KL's uni.Haiz..remorse is the pain of sin.Anyway,I can't reverse the time back.Argh!


First of all, I would like to start with my new shelter (hostel).Its like an apartment which sonsists of a living room (our studying place) and 3 bedrooms with a bathroom inside each.Its nice, new and quite comfortable if its compared to other uni's hostel.(Of course, i prefer my own bedroom in K.L.) Most of the students who study the same course will be distributed into the same hostel room.I think this is good for us as we can help each if besetted difficulties in studies.

the picture of my hostel room

my table

Yet, I started to detest living in the hostel room after meeting unknown insects and a huge jungle-spider! Gosh! And I wonder why there's so many stray cats around UTHM's campus and my hostel! This reminds me about yan yan who loves cats very much,hmm.. miss her so much now!!!Oh yea, I have 2 roommates (1 is from Skudai and another one is from Sibu).My housemates consist of Kiwi,Venus,Ah Go (Cool lady) apart from my roommates.

Its inevitable for me to start fraternizing with different people around in this strange environment.I'm going to take this opportunity to thank an indian coursemate, Jaspal Singh who had engendered me to be very famous here as he always calls me as "Sifu" loudly during lessons. LOL I'm glad to have a bunch of friends in such strange environment like Ai ly,Kai Li,Foo Moi,Zhen2, Mu Xing, Pui Mun, Mei Yin, Mei2, Audrey , the gang of guys, and lots more. Without knowing them, i guess my life in university will be very boring. Oh yea,there's many nice-looking girls in my batch esp in BPA!

For my course(technology management major in production and operation), I will be taking these subjects:
1) Business Financial Accounting (Taught by a hardworking,puntual lecture who always make the lesson very impressive)
2) Coco- Tennis (COOL! can wear min skirt oh.. LOL)
3) Principle of Management
4) Computer Application ( can utilize the facility to play facebook during lesson..^^)
5) Maths for Application (NIGHTMARES!!!)
6) Moral Studies ( Its more like a BM lesson!)

Since the 1st day to be here, I had been trying hard to control my emotion to avoid crying when contacting with friends or receiving calls from family.I miss KL's life very much! I miss KL's fried hokkien noodles, ban mee, porridges, and of course home-cooked foods!The most essential thing is I miss my family members and my own bed!

Last but not least, I'm gonna to shout here:" I AM REALLY MISSING HOME!!!"

Please take note: I'm gonna to go back at 3.30pm on 14th of August..

Bennie and Sean, pls help organizing a class gathering during that time..^^

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