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Friday, November 20, 2009

Home cooked Nasi Lemak

Home cooked Nasi Lemak

It's a veracity say that east or west, home is the best.. There, I'm back to home again.. HMM...out of boredom, I decided to take some pictures of what my chef ( Mom) cooked for me.. hehe..today's menu= Nasi Lemak...The chef said that she's going to change cooking Nyonya Baba's chilies which will be sour and spicy.. Sounds strange huh? hmm.. let's see...

( kacang, egg, cucumber, dried anchovy, and sambal which is made of potato cubes,tomatoes,asam,red chilies and sambal..)

nasi lemak, malaysia cuisine
( cool, delicious, tasty....mouth-washing!) YUMMY!!!


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