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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sem 1 of the second year...

It is the first semester of the second year studying in UTHM. Due to the intake of the new students, the foreign language class has been reserved to them while the seniors have the suffer of transferring credit hours or session. After 2 weeks of settling in the new home in which I transferred out to live outside the hostel, I finally have time to update my territory.

My course's schedule has been changed in this semester .I am taking Japanese language course, business law and manufacturing workshop...It's sounded like I'm studying professional courses. Let's briefly talking what had I learnt recently..

Form the Japanese class, I have learned to write hiragana while struggling in writing katagana..Oh no! I hate keep practicing to write words like what I had done in kindergarten and primary school...However, it's fun that I can speak some Japanese words like ' ohaiyoo gozaimasu', 'gambatte kudasai', 'tadaima',' hajimemashitte doozoyoroshiku', and ' issyo issyori itekudasai' which signifies 'please stay with me as long as I live'... Haha..there' still a lot for learning!

Hmm...The business law is kind of a boring course while my group had been selected to conduct presentation for Contract Law topic.Uhh...it's seem like the subjects in this year are very difficult to learn.

The manufacturing workshop can be illustrated by the photos below:

In this new semester, there's a new change in my life. Hmmm..
It's nothing like brewing a nice cup of coffee or espresso...
A nice cup of coffee or espresso must not be too sweet or too bitter, and with the optimum temperature and has strong fragrant...
In order to make this nice cup of coffee or espresso, the person must be putting in hearts and souls otherwise the coffee might turned out to be a fiasco. I'm trying my best to put my foots forward to serve a nice cup of coffee or espresso...=)