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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Semester break 2010 ended

Today will be the last day I will be staying at my sweetest home!Tomorrow,at this time, I will be in Batu Pahat already~Oh no..so sad!I will be missing my mom's home cook again.. Hmm..nasi lemak,roast pork,wan ton mee, sambal, tom yam prawns and etcetera! Hmm..no wonder I will gain weight during holidays...Mom's cook is still de best!=)

Missions uncompleted during holidays included failing to finish up some chapters of books that i brought back,only managed to finish reading some Japanese Language, and the main mission during the holidays was failed to be reached out to and the results of it was even worse.Hmm..I'm gonna to try my best to reach my targets!woohoo..challenging life!haha..

Before going to bed, I had tried to make up some fun with the art (with the aid of photo editor as well..)..


It supposed to be a gif.file in which the head of the gal will be moving..lol

OKAY,I'm officially announcing that...
My sem breaks end~~
Tomorrow I will be busy unpacking luggages, cleaning the new house..OH NO!!

Good Luck to myself and wish myself all the best..^^
striving for the targets!!!=) self motivation~~

Ps: my teeth are terribly aching because of the tighten-up braces..Huh..

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