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Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Somehow, glancing back the photos that we captured last time making the memories embedded in mind become clearer. The moments we spent eating dinner at mamak stalls outside the Perwira Hostel, orchestrating moral projects together, had meals at Mui Lim before each going back hometown, enjoyed watching movie together, celebrated each's birthday and cracking brains to design birthday cards + surprises, planned for trips,etcetera. Yet, such moments could only be embedded in mind as we were like keeping each at arm's length nowadays. How sad?!

4th of November is approaching, in which it's going to be our dear sis i.e. chia pei and mf's birthday. We had celebrated for Chia Pei and we were glad that she was very happy with the pressie we gave=). Hui En had asked if we tried to organize a birthday celebration inviting m.f they all to celebrate together, will the friendships between us have a U-Turn. Hmm..yet, such opinion had been kept in minds and we did not make the approaches out. I could feel that Chia Pei missed the time she played volleyball with mf and siew chen while Hui en missed the time that ws helped her when passed by the hostel's guard house due to her dyed hair, the day we ate at mamak trying to reconcile back after quarreling over the rental house problem and so forth. Undoubtedly, we still miss the feeling of having them as our friends.

I have no idea with the causes for the friendships turn into a fiasco. Is that really because of the sharing of book's costs? My late apology wasn't helped anything~ Huh!

The finalized final exam's schedule was terrible! I don't really like finishing up the exams within 7 days as I know I couldn't finish up my revision. Huh...I am worrying of the studies as I know that my studies was kind of mess as I was rushing the endless loads of assignments most of the time during this semester.

I don't wish to be a dead meat after the final, so...
I could only ask myself to