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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had been struggling to post up this post in this blog rather than the one which belongs to me and him, well,it's kinda be neglected.Huh..Perhaps all of us are busy~

It's going to be having the 100 days that we have walked through, and yesterday i.e. 19/10/2010 was his birthday. We had an earlier celebration on 18th Oct 2010 which was the 90th days we had been together with. I guessed this unromantic guy never remember any dates. Huh! Disappointed~ Well, hopefully he will be at least remembering the anniversary date~ It was a simple celebration where we ate dinner together at KFC and ate 3 cakes out of 6. It had a deep meaning for the no. of slices of cakes I bought from JB.( by Hui En actually); and I was surprised that he knew the meaning and how the idea came out with. I am looking forward to see the photos, too bad that we did not take photos together that day! Huh..what a waste as it's hard to ask a person who dislike to take photos to be captured with u~ Anyway, I hope that he likes the gifts I gave and the cards as well. All had been made for couples of periods.

19/10/2010- His birthday- he celebrated with his test at night; with the short of electricity supply at most of the housing areas here from 8.30pm to 10.15pm. Hui en and I had been cooked spaghetti although without electricity XD. Nice moment~ Oh yea, thanks to Jia Sin and Hai Ling who send candles to us=)

20/10/2010- A memorable day although I was busy as usual, indulging with caffeine to rush the assignments. The short chat with Li Chen who was currently in Nottingham had made me acquiring a better mood. The chat was actually started with a funny way in which she requested for a sentence which I loved to use in essay-writing. Haha.. I was amazed by the friendships between us as we were from different secondary schools, high schools but just knew each other through a 3hrs tuition classes and hereby the friendship blossoms =) We could talk non stop in the tuition class and kept laughing on some silly matters. I am appreciating this cheerful friend, miss her =)

Last but not least, A shoutout from my heart- I wanna decaffeinate my drinks, I wanna rest with my computer off for days, I wanna get rid from the tons of assignments and correction over and over..., Huh... and I know this couldn't be happened as I have to study for japanese test on Mon. and complete my 3 presentation slides and 1 more assignment. AHHH..HELP!!!

I plan to reward my hectic life by buying a new pair of sandals which I loved and dreamed of ~ So, shopping on Fri =)

Penned by
a busy lady! lol

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