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Saturday, October 2, 2010

September 2010

Wake me up before September ends~~
i wanna pray for a better life for Oct, Nov, Dec and so on...

Yup..September 2010 is finally ended, and I personally detest this month very much although some memorable and happy moments were embedded in my mind...

25th of Sept 2010 was the day that I had looked forward before something turned worse unexpectedly. Well, my house-mates, roomies, and I were overwhelmed with sudden happiness the few days before the particular day in which we went for shopping for our prom night dress. Kiwi and Hui En had been spending alot for the prom night dress...>.<...My pitiful wallet was bleeding after I spent RM70++ for a white dress. It might be the 1st white dress that I favor it so much since I prefer dark color clothes. I guess that it will be only girls who will be so busy preparing for prom night, as need to buy make up stuffs, contact lens, dress, high heels and etcetera.

On the faithful day, the prom night had been held at Landmark Hotel, Batu Pahat and we were having havocs before attending it. Chia Pei had been helping most of us to make up while my hair was set by Kiwi. Appreciation is addressed to both of them for being so helpful and generous in providing the expensive make up products for us to use.. Oh yea, must thank hui en too..for her costly make up products~~Finally, we managed to start our journey to the hotel at 6.15pm in which we should have reached around 6.30pm. Well, we weren't the late comers..XD

My number~~I wished to get 19 or 129(in which i saw the girl who got that number in washroom..XD) and the booklet..

me and da jie

me and my make-up designer..leng lui no.1

with zhen2,hui en, kiwi, si cantik shi hui, and Jennifer

captured by da jie when I pick up phone for chia pei..

let's have some look on the delicious foods.. yet most of the girls only eat the 1st serve..
I love sushi!!!!! have them in my dreams~~

2BPB's leng lui and leng zai..=)

yeah.. take 2

with ewen from BPC.. nice friend!!!

haha..with william, kwang chen as intruders..=)

let the memories stay~

me and him

There are lots more photos apart from the above ones. The prom night had given me lots of the '1st time', i gotta thank soon le here..his help on the prom night had shocked me yet indeed a nice friend's act of him really appreciated.=)

The 1st dance, ever and ever.. maybe it might be the final dance..~

How I entered the dancing pool will be embedded in my mind forever~

The 1st time danced with my fellow friends and crazy seniors nicky and his gang on the stage.. haha.. Not as 'high' as them..

The very 1st time we girls ate without caring how's the manner or expression we ate.. LOL..( Thanks Maxloon, Kwang Siong (knew on that day) and Ben for keep serving us with foods as we still need to care abit our image..haha..) I missed the tuna spring roll, sushi and the chicken..It's just a waste when see many foods left after the prom night. Perhaps AJKs should concern about this issue~

Lastly, congrats Maxloon for being nominated as Best Costume Award, Ben and Chia Pei as the candidates for Prom King and Prom Queen..

Well, the class had said to be joining prom night again during next year as it will be the last memoir of our uni.. Shall I look forward for it? Haha.. shall see then since Audrey they all will be going next year.. BPA's shirley that gang too.. OUCH.. so, pray that it wont be fall on 25th of Sept next year.. I hate 25092010 for some reasons, the things I expected and hoped for did not appear and even worse than expected~


Yea, the photo above that captured on 29th of Sept. spoke thousand words. My coursemates and I had been awarded under dean list with the pointers of 3.5 and above. I hope that my perseverance will be paid off this sem although I did not do well in some tests or quizes. Hmm.. may my dreams come true..

Ps: I hate wearing baju kurung.. I just don't dress nicely with that~~

My aims for this sem is achieving the pointer of 3.7.. can I achieve? Haha.. time will tell~


The spoken words were like knife stabbing through butter..Will the dreams of mine come true?I hope my cup of espresso is always with nice smell although it might have bittersweet taste~~

2nd of October, signifying the 2nd day of October 2010, well, without the sufficient sleep and focused mind, my Japanese Test is kind of a failure.. I did not do well and hopefully still can manage to obtain at least 80/100. T_T...

When the going gets tough,
only the tough gets going

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