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Friday, October 15, 2010

Luxurious life

1 week before this, I had been crazily looking forward to go to Sushi King RM2 Bonanza ( a promotion to reward the loyal customers who own the membership card). Today, after the manufacturing test 2, I had been gone to BP Mall to eat sushi with my sistas (kiwi wasn't going with as she's going back Johor to celebrate her honey's birthday). Thanks to Sue Fern's sushi king's card! woohoo..the luxurious dinner I had spend costing~ RM20.60~Too little? NOOOO!!! Hui en and I actually had shared together for 18 plates sushi! Haha..

Honestly, I prefer another japanese restaurant's sushi compared to sushi king. The 1st plate of salmon sushi was just a disappointment..Not fresh!Anyway, the sushi king's RM2 Bonanza is kind of worthy as I had satisfy my stomach with salmon sushi, ebi, surimi scallop, fry roll, tuna, golden ball, unagi,ebi fry... I am regretted for not eating one more plate of ebi fry! and I had not eaten the inari yet~ahh, don't have baby octopus's sushis..,abit disappointed!

I guess I may dream of sushi and teppanyaki tonight again!


Well, as subscribed to the title of the post ' luxurious life', eating sushi isn't considered as luxury lifestyle isn't it? Girls love shopping, the naked truth of the world. We went for window shopping over the clothes shop again! This time we did not spend on clothes but on facial accessories, make up stuffs and etc.

left hand

right hand=)

Haha.. yeap, that's my hands and the nails are coloured differently. Well, I did not purchase on these and it was the salesgirl helped to paint my nails while promoting elianto's products. Huh.. I had spent alot on elianto for the ever 1st time today as I purchased on the organic olive shampoo (RM35), the facial cleanser made of lemon( RM18) and BB cream (RM49) with the additional RM5 for an ellianto's pink bag (actual cost is RM29). The first time I purchased so much! Adding up the purchases on daily products i.e. yogurts and garnier aqua defense (recommended by dajie) and the nails color remover, I had purchased around hundred plus fifty today..Gosh! I am not a rich person yet spending like pouring water today. Hmm...

Well, my sistaz are quite shopping spenders too.. Hmm.. they had bought perfumes which costed them RM70 each. Can't deny that I love the container of perfume very much and the 真女人 and anna sui's smell! It's just super sweet like indulging in pool of honey to see chia pei's choosing her bf's perfume as his present.

Haha, it's sweeter when think of kiwi who has cooked delicious food for her bf as well. Too bad the food is going to be cold when she reached jb.Hope that they will have felicity! I am looking forward for monday.. Haha, another luxurious day? Anyway, It's time to keep fit, so yogurt and fruits are my part and parcel of life now=)

In short, the luxurious life gave me short period of happiness , yet causing my wallet suffers for some days.. Lol.. It's bleeding, I know~